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Let’s use this topic to share all the tips and tricks to improve our flight.

It can be Tips to ride efficiently, tips/tricks to charge and so.


First tip (Or way to stay alive): Change those cheap stock MRF tyres to Michelin’s. benefits a) Zero slip and slide even harsh braking in rain. b) Soft tyres absorb bumps better so u dont break your back


By @Shreyas
There are multiple ways to engage regen. Unlike engine braking, engaging regen is electronic and not mechanical.

While some manufacturers engage regen as soon as you let go of the throttle grip/accelerator, the Ather 450/340 do not engage it and start to coast freely.

Regen can be enabled by twisting the throttle grip or by applying brakes.


To improve efficiency:

  1. Use inertia of the vehicle in motion.
    If you notice, our vehicles coast a lot more than normal ICE vehicles. So, using inertia is very easy. In simple terms, cover as much distance possible with as little throttle as possible.

  2. Accelerate from rest slowly.

  3. Keep the drive belt and pulleys clean regularly. I’ve noticed better efficiency after a pressure wash.

Btw, better efficiency also means better battery life.


How does breaking engage the regen?
Is it like a slight pull on the break lever ? And would that only activate the regen or both regen and breaks? (With only a slight pull )

The Disc brakes work mechanically, whereas regen works electronically.

As soon as you pull the brake lever, if the brake switch gets engaged (same switch the turns the brake lights on at the tail), the regen gets engaged.

Depending on the brake fade, tuning, etc the disc brake’s action will vary based on the pressure applied.


Have a Battery around 20-80% most of the time. That way we can maximise the battery life.
Charge to around 80-90%. And try to avoid going below 20%.

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Based on my discussion with someone at Ather, they have already reduced the usable capacity of the battery from 2.7 kwh to 2.4 kwh provisioning a buffer at the top and bottom end. So, I don’t think running on low battery or charging to 100% will affect battery life.

However, running into low battery severely degrades performance especially if you have a pillion. And, charging over 80% is slower and takes much longer. So, from a practical usage the 20% - 80% makes sense.


Any tips on cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle from experts please?

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I think I’ve noticed this while fiddling with the brakes at a signal. A sudden pull to the lever gives a sharp bite. A slower pull on the brake lever, applies the brakes gradually.

@Shreyas, what percentage of battery can be expected to get recharged by regen on typical traffic rides in Bangalore, for a full cycle of battery?

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Based on the current regen settings, you can get upto 4% battery capacity back if you aggressively use regen.


Wow, an answer which we were longing to hear. Thanks Shreyas :slight_smile:

I will not worry about regen in most most days then :slight_smile:


Also the reason why there was no mention of it during the Chennai presentation.


I see that you said "current regen settings ".
Does that mean you are looking into altering those settings, Or could you in the future?
Is there a possibility of changing the regen settings over an OTA UPDATE?