Tips on how to get good range from your Ather bike

Wiat. That would mean. Ather is using its breaks?? I really doubt that. See the mode will make the throttle input cut off over the set top speed. Nothing else. So if you’re full throttle and stuck at a particular speed youd consume just as much if you were in a higher mode which isn’t cutting you off. The energy consumed is dependent on how much the motor is consuming and not what throttle input you’re giving while cruising. As while cruising. No matter which mode. The motor must be using the same amoutn of energy. The only explanation I can think of is, in down slopes. In sports mode you might end up picking up more speed which you coudlmt in eco and that momentum allows you to go easy on the throttle later on. That could possibly make it more efficient.

As I said that is just my understanding only. I might also be wrong. I also want to hear what other had to say. Ather may not explain this or may it (if it does not come under design related policies) I don’t know And I didn’t mean breaks though.

I said so because initially I also thought similar to what you said but then I felt that in such case only once it hits max speed of that mode the throttle response further cuts off, but in contrast the pickup of the vehicle is also changing with different modes. By max resistance I meant some how they are trying to reduce the current / power input to motor with same amount of throttle in other mode. That is what I meant.

Right. That would mean. Lesser consumption.

@abhishek.balaji , your assistance on this will be much appreciated

Abhishek already posted here in this topic. If you missed it please click on it to see full description.

@abhishek.balaji … I have tried every tricks and tips provided in this forum and via Ather support. I am just unable to get more then 65 range. Is this just my vehicle? You cant expect normal people to understand technicalities of the vehicle and with normal riding one should be able to get at least 75, if not 85 … thoughts?

Share a few ride statistics from your app along with what you tried, and maybe a few people here can help?

Sure … please see the statistics below. I used the acceleration very gradually, used just one mode that is Sport, tyre pressure was checked on the same day morning. Not much traffic as well.

You will see some acceleration at the beginning as I need to climb a ramp to get out of my apartment. Apart from that absolutely no aggressive driving at all.

Climb out of the ramp, turn off your vehicle and wait 10mins. Let that ride stat get synced.

Now, start your scooter again and go for a long drive like 10 to 15kms. Take a route that you would normally do, like home to office/mall/etc. post the screenshot for that ride.

I will try that out, Thanks. By the way, Its a very small ramp, just 30 meter max, not too steep as well. I mentioned it because Ather backend team said … too much acceleration (actually, its only for max. 30-35 sec)

On another note, we cant expect normal users to do all this. All we expect is in normal condition with normal riding style we get a range closer to what has been promised by Ather.

Each owner has their own driving style. My brother in law drove the 450 for a month and I saw the best possible efficiency during that one month!. Whereas when I drive my efficiency numbers are anywhere from 32-42wh/km.

There are other factors too, such as rider & pillion weight. By default, lighter riders get better efficiency than someone heavier. Tyre pressure, road inclination and throttle input matter too. Your efficiency will always be a combination of these factors.

agreed … but some folks who are claiming 100+ range and some one like me who is getting 63, I am sure there has to be something else than the riding style and other factors you listed. If its 20-25% variance I am fine as the factors you listed would count in, but here we are talking about close to double range.

Honestly, getting 100+ range (Hypermiling) is a hard and painful task, and it’s not something that’d be comfortable doing every single day. If you read through accounts of people getting such range, hats off to them for the patience and perseverance in trying these out. Personally, I don’t have the patience to attempt this, but hats off to those who tried :stuck_out_tongue:

But what you can take away is some tips if you need more range in a pinch. If the current range you’re getting works for your daily usage, there’s no point in driving slowly and carefully to get more range. The gains in your battery life, electricity usage, and frequency of charging are pretty low compared to the effort you’d be putting in.


Thanks. Let me try out few more things.

Hey guys

This is Nagarjun. I got my ather 450 X delivered on February 14th and i am super happy with the performance. This is the first time i am thinking of running it below 20 %

At 0630 pm i need to pick up a pillion rider. Total to and fro distance may not cross 5 kms from source location. Can i go for it? Or it’s i better i charge my scooter now.

Pretty sure you could easily do the trip with a pillion, but at your own risk haha

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I think you can. Just give it a try, you never know.

EDIT: 1 suggestion is that you can charge your scooter to some level and get to know how many KMs you can ride with the battery charge you have from your pickup today. Definitely not risky and you will have found out if you could have gone without charging.

I once went for a ride on NICE road, did 2 rounds (I don’t remember which entry and exit on the NICE road I took). NICE road from my place is approx. 13 KMs, so to and fro = 26KMs. And I have no idea how many KMs I rode exactly in my 2 rounds on NICE road.

All this in Ride/Sports mix mode and with a pillion rider of 75Kg, I weigh 50Kg.

After exiting NICE road, I think I had around 14-15Kms left coz the mode auto-switched to ECO after some point. I literally had ZERO km on my scooter when I almost reached home with my pillion rider (maybe some 500 meters away from home when it went to ZERO), but the scooter was still ON and I was able to reach home without pushing my bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously risky, but I know now not to do 2 rounds and stick with 1 round on NICE road rides :smiley:


I will take the risk :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for the suggestions. I bet you had a great ride. That was close though. I am curious to go down on battery as much. But if i try it just once will it harm the battery?

By the way, this was 2 hours ago

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I don’t think so. Go for it :crossed_fingers:

That’s great!! Good range and efficiency :clap:

Haha, yep it was definitely risky and I kinda felt adventurous with this ride :stuck_out_tongue: Need such experiences.

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