Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

I just got my new 450x LR (2.9kWh battery model), can someone pls help with how exactly the smart eco mode works?

Mine being the latest model, There are no manuals available to explain anything. The tips in this thread are enlightening. Thank you to all of you

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Exactly. It all depends on the riding habits and style, not riding mode. People are spreading misinformation that higher mode = more efficiency, when in fact efficiency entirely depends upon how many KMs you can roll your wheel in the same amount of energy sent into the motors. Reducing the need for braking helps significantly too!

Manuals and guides for old models should all be applicable since there’s barely any difference in the models.

The easiest way to explain SmartECO would be like you have a Nitro bar in the Asphalt game. As you use up the Nitro, the reservoir you have keeps getting emptied and you have to wait for it to replenish.

How this helps is, say you want to overtake someone, you get that extra nitro boost without having to change any modes just by twisting throttle. However this overtake uses a lot of energy :battery: so to compensate for that, the scooter takes away your ability to accelerate fast until it can compensate for the lost energy by moving slower.

You will understand it by constantly using it. At first it will be annoying but keep using SmartECO for a couple of days and you’ll get a hang of it. Nifty feature!


On a 450+ Gen3 :wink:

(I hope its not a bug lol)

That’s a bug which shows for all, for Gen 4 it should be 110 but it shows only 105.

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I think that shows the approx prediction based on your riding style. I got some crazy numbers few weeks back, I’ll attach the screenshot.

Now they don’t claim these numbers but it does vary from rider to rider.

P.S. For 90% of the time I ride with pillion rider with approx total weight of 160-170Kg


Turn on coasting regen. It will show 110 now

Smart eco caps your max power to the point that your avg efficiency for the doesn’t go beyond ~35Wh/km. So if you go easy on throttle then you will have max power (equal to sport mode) available to you else it starts limiting it to balance the efficiency.

My Coasting regen is already turned on, it will show 110 in range in Dashboard but not in the range insight.

Smart Eco gives good range and good riding comfert in city, if slopes more then bit range will redice, i an using 2.9kwh 450x, initaly i was not using smart eco ang range was approximately 60km per 100% charge, now getting 80km and above , max true range given is 90 for 2.9kwh, so the smart eco looks great. No worries to change mode often.

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Smart eco suddenly sometime not works properly, i.e it will work like eco mode. Not sure it is bug in software .

It don’t give enough acceleration. When planning to overtake it don’t go quick and we could end up hitting from someone at the rear. Eco mode is only for slow speed and slow acceleration. If planning for more speed >30kmph or while overtaking don’t trust Smart Eco mode.

It’s similar to riding a gear bike, maintain a certain speed at certain gears. If you exceed speed in that gear mileage will drop.

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Like not picking up speed?

Guys I got this video today on yt shorts I’m amazed by seeing it how can he get 63 speed in eco mine goes 55 Max how to get 63 km/ph?

Link of yt short- pniXEVMx3g?si=RWPhTia4ybA7CeNN

That’s right. I’m using wrap mode since the day one. Because pro pack was not installed earlier :joy:, Getting range above 110km with the speed in between 50-60kmph! :raised_hands: Efficiency - 27wh/km.

Isn’t that smart eco mode?


he is in smart eco mode with full power available so its equal to sport mode as you can see by the color of wings of power,eco mode is green

Hey everyone. I’m not getting good efficiency numbers since almost a month. Earlier i used to get less than 25wh/km but nowadays its hardly below 30wh. I’ve tried using regen as much as possible. Almost not using brakes. Not driving over 50kmph. But its all in vain. I’ve got 450x 3.1. There’s only improvement in my riding style as much as i know. Below are some screenshots.

My 5000kms service is almost here. I hope it resolves the issue. Suggestions are welcome.

You need to keep ur initial pickup minimal. After that it doesn’t matter how much faster you go. Just keep gradually increasing throttle. I’m using warp mode only, top speed 70kmph. Efficiency max 27wh/km. Also getting good range.

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