Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

I tried these runs on s Sunday, average speed shown was 34kmph, it took me 30 minutes to cover 20 kms, in a working day it would have been around 40 minutes for the same distance.


I am constantly using Sports mode and controlling my speed with throttle. I am getting about 90km per charge. My average speed about 30km in Bangalore city.


Btw how much tyre pressure should be maintained for dual seat ride according to you?

This is not true


For Gen1/2 tyres: 28-30 front, 30-32 rear.

Anything over that and your tyres will be less grippier, slide more and you may find it hard to corner while inclining. Along with the suspension that’ll be more firm now.

Anything lower and you might lose out on some range.

This is great i bought my Ather 450xpro yesterday… I also thinking about range only… I noticed that range drop… Your message is helpful… Really thanks… And im also slightly experienced yesterday about ride mode concept as you mentioned… Great :+1::clap::blush:

Hi. I am trying to understand the battery consumption. First and foremost higher the Wh/km or lower is better…??? Correct me if im wrong More the Wh/km means more battery usage. Im all confused with this bike.

Yes. Lower Wh/km is better.

More the Wh/km → more battery usage → less range

I drove on the same route in Ride + Warp Mode (twice) & Sports + Warp Mode. Warp was used on highway speeds maintaining speeds of around 45-46 kmph. These are the results of driving with good control over throttle & braking. I achieved the best efficiency with S+W combo & much easier to achieve better efficiency.

Ride + Warp Mode:

Ride 1: (10% drain)

Ride 2: (11% drain)

Sports + Warp Mode: (9% drain)

Kinda figured it out how to get good range.


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Got 68KM with 21% remaining with pillon


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Please share your insights.

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Do not give full throttle, that is the key thing.

Applying 30% of the throttle is the key to get good range.

If you notice the instrument panel, the discharge bar will spread to full, just by giving 30% throttle. On you ntoice the bar spreading to full, release the throttle.

Hope it helps.


Kya ye tarika Ev car pr bhi kam krega Nexon ev MG Ev esi cars pr bhi ye sport mode wala tarika kam krega or cars me speed kitna rakh na chhahiye best efficiency ke liye

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Does any of the recommendations apply to Gen3 latest 450x bought in Oct23?? We have smart eco mode so basically it show’s effective range at any battery level which varies as per mode and reduces on higher mode Ather guys says you can only get longer range in smart eco irrespective of max speed (means you can still pull ur bike upto 60 kmph in smart eco mode and get good range than pulling to 60 kmph in sports mode)

Any views for latest models please??

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Yes Smart Eco mode gives the highest range, but it is effective for singles riding, it also limits the initial response. So if you are in hurry to go somewhere it is better to use eco mode, rather than smart eco mode. In my view, smart eco I’d a combination of ride and ec

Ather can provide auto mode with best practice of riding, the modes are working like gears in bike. but in Ather it is reverse, if Auto mode is added with good range then no need to worry of switching mode very often, auto mode feature can help aged people to ride easy. with exiting modes we can get avg 80 to 90KM in Bengaluru roads with medium slopes.

Used Sport Mode only. Thanks for the tip. The Smart ECO mode on new Gen 4 is really restrictive, you can feel the motor at peak power at 40+ kmph. I felt that this mode is restricting Throttle Input, Power Delivery so much so to maintain the True Range aggressively.

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