Tips on how to get good range from your Ather 450X

I also got 150km as projected with average watt /hr as 17


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Riding in higher modes like, ride and sports gave me the best efficiency numbers

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:+1:t2: everying is mess on hilltop riding :sweat_smile:

What about the wing status on the dashboard in stationary position? I have the smallest wing span in Ride mode, even smaller that of Eco mode. Long wing is seen in Warp mode.

While riding vehicle in hills…Accelerate the vehicle to a certain comfortable limit in the plains (say 50kmph) and without throttling just climb the hill…You’ll see that the speed goes down…If the speed would be able to manage climbing the slope then you don’t need to accelerate…If you think that the dropping speed won’t be able to make it to the top of the slope then slowly rise your throttle…After the slope, now the vehicle would come to a speed of 50kmph again…Similarly repeat these steps above…Avoiding unnecessary accelerating while climbing hills would give out the best efficiency…Probably my best efficiency in hill was 26 Wh/km…I took the vehicle 86% of charge and after riding 58kms with a pillion from my home I reached with 38% charge on top of the mountain…This was the technique I followed during that ride…


Thanks a lot! I will check the tips!!

What was the tyre pressure on Front and back…

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I find that the Sport mode gives better efficiency compared to other modes (ECO/RIDE) on the same path/road with almost no traffic.I drove more or less at the same speed (15-25KMPH). I don’t get when the other modes provide an advantage with respect to range as they are advertised with higher ranges.


Yes that’s true. Because of speed limit in Eco and Ride modes, getting closer to it takes more electrical resistance to limit the speed hence consuming more energy. Sports mode limit is 85-90km/h so going 45-50km/h will not consume as much energy as eco or ride mode in same speed.

Looking into the colors of wing of SmartEco: color (same with that of Sports mode) changes from orange/amber to light blue(same with that of Ride mode); there more throtle is given, finally comes the green color similar to that of Eco mode color :blush:

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For 20-25KMPH (Cruising & Stop-Go traffic), what would be the ideal mode? On what basis higher range is advertised for Eco mode? I think ECO/Ride mode is helpful only in Stop-Go traffic where energy spent to move is wasted.

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My Eureka moment :fire::fire:

Just followed most of the things mentioned in the group and boom!

This just normal Bangalore traffic driving on sports mode.

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:fire: sharing owners experience each other here is always cool :fire: