Time to switch to Map My India ?

With Google maps not allowing to download maps and the sketchy 4g network is it time to have Maps made by the Indian Company? Here I’ll explain in breifly Google Vs MapMyIndia, and Why it should be Shifted to MMI.

First, let’s talk about Google maps. The first thing that comes to our mind is if you want to go to a place lets GOOGLE it, The clever OS shows everything that has been developed to advertise in the company’s interest. But that works only in Mobile, while using this Map in Ather’s Dashboard there is no such thing so the company has to buy the API from them to show it to the users. but that leaves us with other tons of problems. The API only allows the Screen to be downloaded and shown at one single point which means whatever is displayed on the screen it’s downloaded and kept in Cache and clears as soon as the screen moves to another point. There is no downloaded offline feature.

Now coming to MapMyIndia. This company has been developed by the Indian and I have seen and observed Ton of differences they use the Indian GPS satellite NavIC. Which is much faster the coordinate is much closer to what Google shows at least on Ather’s screen, mobile has its own perks. But the best one is it allows API to have an offline map feature, this means you don’t have to be connected all the time for the maps to work or to load. Now instead of pumping money millions into google can’t we at least have a talk with MMI.


This has my vote… :+1:


I’ve also seen a Twitter interaction between Tarun and Map My India CEO. Maybe something? “Maybe”


Ooh interesting! Would you have the link to the interaction handy?


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Unfortunately nope. What I recall was MMI ceo quoting Tarun’s tweet talking about the work done by Ather and working together in the future.