Throttle rotation is not smooth

Hey guys.
I’ve had my Ather now for over 2 months. Done 2.4k km and I’ve had a few issues till now, most of them were resolved.
The common seat issue - resolved
The throttle gripper was very very sticky when you turn it slowly. - ather said they resolved it. I felt they only worsened it
The horn had a mechanical issue, wasn’t working. The technician came home, he changed the switch (free of cost)
Since I had him there. I asked him about this throttle issue. The stickyness and he said that’s okay nothing can be done about it.
Is that really true?? Is anyone else having the same issue? It’s extremely annoying now. Because now there’s a squeaky sound when j twist the throttle slowly. It’s really really annoying.
Can anyone suggest a fix ?
I know it’s not a major issue. But I personally feel that this small thing is eating into my user experience.

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For me too the throttle is like this since many days…I’ve just ignored it as it is not affecting me. I’m afraid that it might worsen it I try to get it rectified. 'If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’
When I rotate it slowly, I can hear and feel it rotating in steps. When I rotate it normally I don’t feel it. When reversing I experience it as it’ll be really slow.

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Same here too but it is not sticky. Feels ‘not easy’ to rotate. These days I am having pain in my right wrist.


Same here when I use the throttle in Eco mode for more than 15 to 20 Kms the wrist hurts.

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I thought I was the only one with this issue!

I wish we could adjust the spring recoil on the throttle.