The ride log glitch

Hey folks,

The network outage that affected our vehicles sometime back has also impacted the ride log. In short, during the network interruption the data packets kept getting dropped and it couldn’t reach our servers. This meant that the data isn’t good enough to generate ride logs for most of you, for the month of December.

However, our systems have been fixed since, and we should be able to send the ride logs for the next month.


That was a honest post. :pray: We definitely are going to get some toffees as compensation :grinning: Thank you for allowing the use of emojis in the post😋 … It helps to cool the nerves and save hair getting pulled off.

@tarun @abhishek.balaji , hopefully some updates for #ather450x with great news in the pipeline .

Waiting for the rainbow… The Ather owners are going through storms of anxiety, spares in short supply, less range, 1st service of 5000kms…and now the ride logs play… Hide and cant seek. :grinning:


I would request please work on the vehicle software before new launch as this will new effecting you overall business considering competitors.


Good decision to withhold the december log. The november log was useless due to lack of data.

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Hey @abhishek.balaji wouldn’t this be a good opportunity for you guys to provide monthly log on the beginning of the month rather than in almost middle of the month?

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Since i didn’t get the ride log on 20th of this month i tried to raise a ticket through app but i don’t know why it isn’t working, tried even after multiple days and also uninstalled the app once and tried but it’s not working. Is there any other way to raise a ticket.

Received the ride log today. Thanks Team.

Me also same situation