The Kochi Experience Center!

Hey @Kochi,

We’re finally opening the experience center at Kochi this week! Join in to be among the first few to experience Ather Space, our brand new experience center in Kochi! Swapnil Jain, CTO, will also be there to chat with you folks!


When will the vehicles pre-booked at kochi be “open for payment”? when are deliveries scheduled to start?

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Next wek …

deliveries or open for payment

Hey! It was great meeting you guys, especially those who have been in touch here and the telegram group, in real life! Awesome experience (center)! Very much unlike any scooter/car showroom, and a great team Kochi in the making.

Thank you Ather team for all great time and timeline, given all that had messed it up for all of us till date. Hope we get the paperwork done soon and SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

It was so much fun chatting and planning our Ather escapades. Hope the EC doesn’t mind a stalker :sweat_smile:

Anyone is able to make a payment yet? Not me.

Kochi payment, I hear, starts 18th…

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Its not yet confirmed on 18

Experience centre also opened, then why guys delaying for opening payment window.

No delays. The window will start opening tomorrow turn by turn.

Aaand we have a video to top it off!


payment option window please open

Kochi payments are opening by order IDs. It should reach down soon.

Hi anyone who done full payment in kochi received vehicle? When r we supposed to get delivery.

They said within 15 days after making the payment.

Delivery of vehicles may start tomorrow.