The First Owners Meet, EVER!

@Ather_Owner, Guys,
This category and topics under it will only be accessible by owners of the 450/340. You can discuss about the meetup, share pictures, and plan more meetups in this category.

For any new meetups, events or interactions, please create a new topic in this category :slight_smile:

We will restrict this thread to the Owners meet from 14th April, 2019.


Thanks @Shreyas for creating this and appreciate quick turnaround. The team rocks and can feel the optimistic energy throughout…

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Hi Shreya’s,

Can you share the slide which requires hardware and not feasible features with current scooter.


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Thanks @Shreyas for separate thread ! .
can you let us the frequency of owners meet, so that we can be aware and plan accordingly.
Is next in line meet in Chennai ?

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Highlights video from the meet. We are working on more content that I will share here :slight_smile:


Somehow every time the camera pans to where I was sitting, the scene cuts to the next one :expressionless:

More content on the way :slight_smile:

Waiting for it😁

Can you guys call me for the next meetup? thanks.

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Anything more coming?

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Loved the view

total 70

mine missing - so ill add it

my flight 6947

now count is 71

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What superpowers can we unlock with this badge? :wink:


Unlimited Ather One subscription for life :smile:… Would be nice


any owners got invite for tomorrow event

let me know who all are coming