Test rides for the 450X

I wanted to know when the test ride for 450x in bangalore would start? and also when can we expect the exact dates of delivery of our pre-orders?

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We’ll announce all these soon! Deliveries are stated to begin Q3 2020 in Banglaore and the other confirmed cities.


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Booking made from cities not in the list?
Any clue?

Registration for test rides have began don’t know how it’s scheduled

It began long ago.I registered also.But no reply till date reg the exact schedule.

my bad i just saw that today

From When in Ahmedabad test ride start ? Any Idea ?

Hi all, any news on the test rides for Punekars? Do we have an experience centre in Pune?

Dear Team,

Any updates about the launch of 450X or about the theme inside out. Since production may have affected due to covid-19 when can we except the deliveries. Can you provide an ETA regarding the same.

Dashboard shows Q4, so possibly in a month maybe?

When will there be a production model of 450x available to see in Ather center?

Edit: In Chennai

It already is in bangalore. Plus series 1 deliveries start today in bangalore.

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Waiting for registration May be available from tomorrow 20.11.2020. delivery of 450x series1 1st batch is tomorrow.

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Reading stuff and watching videos about the 450X without getting to test ride was killing. The wait was getting difficult day by day after booking. As I write this post, I’m on my way to the airport for my flight back home. I had some work in Mumbai. As soon as it was decided to go to Mumbai,I told everyone in my family that I HAVE TO to go the Ather Space in Mumbai for the test ride. On The last day, finally got a chance to go and take the Ather for a spin. Boy oh boy what an experience. I absolutely LOVED it. The scooter is so so smooth,easy to handle and a different experience altogether. I went along with my father,uncle, sister and my younger brother brother. All rode the vehicle except my brother. Everyone liked it. My father also said Dio( my current Scooter) is an elephant in front of the Ather 450X. I don’t know what exactly to comprehend (maybe about the size/weight) it doesn’t matter because he liked it. He also said to get it from Mumbai if it gets delayed for my city. Along with the Ather representative, I was also explaining my family members things about it. I was the first to go for the ride so the representative got it ready for me. I wanted to try the Park Assist but couldn’t because the Scooter was kept straight. When I returned from the ride, I parked the Scooter,then did the park assist trial,then parked it again then only got down :joy:.Only downside I found was the accelerator grip. It felt little bit small. Not very comfortable. I was smiling wide while returning from Ather Space. Sharing a few photos from the Ather Space Mumbai.


Yup. Feel it too. The diameter is way too less. It’s too thin. Feels almost like it was designed to have another gripper on top. But ather doesn’t recommend it.

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Whoa! @abhishek.balaji you should start selling that tiny model replica of the ather. I’d definitely buy!


@abhishek.balaji ,Ikw you are quite busy but please give me an update no response from the dealer nor you it’s dissapointing a timeline is what I am asking for

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