Test drive in the rain

I’ve done a pre-order. It was raining in chennai a couple of weeks back and i went to t ather space for a test ride. I was refused due to rain. Why cant ather allow pre-order customers for a test ride during rain??

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You want to willingly ride in the rain?
May I know if you have any concerns about the performance of the scooter in the rain? Maybe that’s something we could address here.


Well i rode my Ather with 3 feet water level during last month Chennai flood,
Literally water level was up to my hip :slight_smile:

Ya i know we shouldn’t ride past 1 ft mark, but it was in middle of heavy rain so no choice.

You won’t know how much fun it was, while the bus, cars & Bullets were waterlogged, i was literally riding underwater :stuck_out_tongue:

So water resistance would be last of your concern :stuck_out_tongue: