Tesla - India launch in 2021?

Elon Musk in response to a post by the Unofficial Tesla India Club has indicated that a 2021 launch in India is very possible. This comes right after reports that Tesla is opening an R&D center near Bengaluru.

With a lot of focus from GoI on electrification and coupled with what can only be called a growing EV ecosystem, A well positioned product from Tesla could give that much needed push to galvanise the Auto industry.

And given India problems with a reliable and stable power grid, their portfolio of products built around energy storage could disrupt another industry as well.

If Tesla and Elon are serious about India, we have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.


It can be a game changer for Indian car industry this news will atleast make some already established manufactures to push in Evs in the 12-15 lac range. Tesla with its 20k-25k Ev in india can really set the Ev ball rolling ,can’t wait my timer is on for Collector’s edition then Ev May be Tesla.

Finally some solid updates on this:

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Apart from the bragging rights, buying a CBU doesn’t make sense at all! But it’s a start nevertheless. I’m more worried about the redtapes we have in iur County. I just hope it will not push Mr. Musk to take some knee jerk decisions.

2021 Finally gave some good news for some folks as EV Car gaint finally decided to enter Indian market and registers the their branding in India as Tesla India Motors and Energy pvt Ltd. Note they are setting as only a sales company for now

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