Terrible customer service

Hi All, lately I have been very disappointed by the Ather customer service. My vehicle has broken down twice in the past few months and now, there seems to be a problem with the charger. Every time there is a problem, there is a 5-7 day period before they pick up the vehicle. Now, even though it is a problem with the charger and no pickup is necessary, they say there is a 7 day wait period! Have any of you also experienced such delays?


Use RSA for things like this. The issue will probably be with slot for pick up. So if RSA takes care of that part cuz your scooter wasn’t wprking right? RSA makes sense at that time, then Ather can handle your scooter faster I suppose

Even I am facing terrible service from ather it’s been 10 days I have requested that my horn switch not working and they are have not yet rectifiedd it even after repeated request they are not looking into matter

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