Tankbund to Chilkur balaji Temple on 14th march

Hi guys I’m Satya 450x Series1 owner. Previous bike Royal Enfield classic 350. On RE went for many long but here it’s not possible so I would like to invite you all for some small ride. Planning a ride from Tank bund to Chilkur balaji Temple and Osman sagar. Intrested ppl ping me. Insta boxingsatya

Hi Satya @yuvasatyak,

Have you completed this Ride?

I am a series 1 owner. I stay near Bachupally. We can plan for a local meet along with of any other Ather owners in Hyd. We can then plan for good rides around the city.

Telegram user id: @praveenraot


Sure bro, I had gone for shamirpet too. 150km in 1day with 3times charging with 2persons bro. It was crazy​:star_struck::star_struck:


Wow that’s so nice. Are there any Fast (Grid) charge stations available best Shamirpet

I don’t think there are any, maybe @yuvasatyak is carrying the portable charger around. Sainikpuri and Secunderabad are the nearest ones to Shamirpet. Would be nice if we could get a charging station in and around Kompally(Thinespo/Cafe Gardenia?).

Yes, need a fast charger near kompally area.

Below are the current grid charge stations as per ‘Ather Grid App’

@Ather.team @abhishek.balaji why don’t you come up with some fast charge stations out of Hyderabad. Find out a 70-80kms place on each route leading to different districts in Telangana. I would suggest this because, for an EV the most important thing is availability of fast charge when rider is away from home or the city.

Establishing ‘Charge Corridors’ enables traveling outside the city or travel from one City to another city

Ather has been made for intracity traveling. They don’t have plans atleast for a year I think to set up chargers out side city limits.

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@tanishqkhare Yeah I agree. It’s only an idea that I put on. Instead of starting sales first in any other B towns if they could establish a charging station between A town and the following B town and after couple of months if they open sales in B town could actually increase the sales volume for many reasons.

The very first one is the surrounding places of B town people comes to know about the vehicle well before the sales at their place because they started seeing many people from A town traveling to B towns without having a range anxiety because the intermediate change station between A & B towns actually eliminates the range anxiety for A town people and at the same time B town people witnesses more Athers on their towns… So as soon Ather starts sales, there could be more volume of sales.

I witnessed similar idea 20 years back. When there was mobile networks booming up initially all telecomm companies established mobile corridors across highways between A & B towns. So any one travels between A&B never seen network drops.



I wish did take this approach. They could have done so for Bangalore - Mysore since they are present in both cities now. And yet they don’t. I think the issue that arises is, if something happens to the scooter in city B and it needs a service. What would you do? If ather gave you a grid point to get there, they are entitled to provide service there too. So I think they’ll first establish themselves in both town A and B and then link them up ( Hopefully!!)
It’ll be great to see ather link up

  • Bangalore - Mysore.
  • Mumbai- Pune.
  • Kochi - Khozikode ( and also Coimbatore)

I think the problem is that

  1. A single grid point will be of no help. Lot of people would travel in groups and they’ll need multiple points and.
  2. they’ll need to provide service along these routes too, since they are encouraging us to go out of the city.
  3. The maintenance of the grid point will also be a hassle as they’d have to travel all the way there.
    I guess all this will happen with time.

Yeah that’s correct. But I mention here is establishing a point between A (which already have sales and service both) and point B (doesn’t have either sales or service as of now but in future). This enables owners from A travels outside their towns without range anxiety.

Currently established Ather grid points have only one or two grid machines, so they can supply the power for one or two vehicles at a time. So going group is an issue on either scenario irrespective of Ather sales is there in the town or not. Meaning, irrespective of your have service or sales in that particular place, implementing grid may not be a problem.

Take an example of car charging points (Tata motors in collaboration with Tata Power) alreday established outside the cities where they don’t sell or service…and Fortum charge and go is purely private player they don’t sell cars, they alreday have many points established.

As I said this is only a random idea and not the implementation plan.