Taking Delivery of the Ather 450!


Finally got it! :smiley:


Love your keychain



Feels proud to be driving future


When did you book it?


July 2nd last year. Got it on April 20th




The final moment of Truth!
Taking Delivery of the Ather450
Feeling on top of the world…! :star_struck::heart_eyes::innocent:


We got our vehicle today, exactly one year after we pre-ordered. Happy to get new kiddo to our home.


@tarun Thanks for the open house and my early Christmas gift.


Today my vehicle was delivered at Ather Space Experience Centre.
Had a good experience and Walk through by Monish. My mom was missing Monish while leaving the Ather space after delivery.

Order Date : 16th September 2018
Original Delivery Estimated Month: April - June 2019
Call for payment: 22nd May 2019
Payment Completed: 24th May 2019
Insurance issued : 29th May 2019
Form 14 sign made on : 28th May 2019
Charging Point Installed on : 29th May 2019
Earthing work done on : 1st June 2019
RTO registration : 31st May 2019
HSRP number plate issued : 8th June 2019
Call for delivery : 9th June 2019
Delivery date: 10th June 2019