Taking Delivery of the Ather 450!


Finally got my scooter on 27/2
But I am getting only 65 True Range
My speed 30 to 50km


Order ID 1456 delivered today.


My flight 4563 got delivered today… beauty


Hi. My order number is 2122 and I finally got my vehicle delivered today.
A great experience at Ather at all times

Explaining to so many people about the vehicle and answering to their questions was a major task in signals and each halts


Finally! got the delivery

i must have given test rides to about 20 of my colleagues, everybody were excited.


Hi All,

Took the delivery of the bike on 7th march.

Will give an in details review of the bike in on-road experience forum.


After a sweet long wait of complete 9 months(276days) i got my baby delivered yesterday …in full excitement to make the next step to future with my Ather450.


Got mine today


Got this beauty delivered today! Been an amazing experience other than one screen freeze which needed a restart! Love the new ride :motor_scooter:


Thank you Ather …


Today is the day…

Received our flight today, order id #3401

With a small gesture :grin:


Order date: 9th June 2018
Received on: 20th March 2019
Order ID: 2272
Worth the wait!


Finally got my vehicle today.
Order ID: 2729
Booking date: 11/06/2018
Payment done on: 09/03/2019
Charging point installed on: 11/03/2019
Vehicle sent for registration on : 11/03/2019
Received vehicle number on : 15/03/2019
Vehicle delivery on: 22/03/2019


Finally got our 450 today evening.

Order ID 3309
Order date: 18 June 18
Payment window opened : 06 Mar 19
Payment completed: 11 Mar 19
Received call for charger installation: 12 Mar19
Charger installation done : 16 Mar 19 (Saturday)
Policy issued: 16 Mar 19
Registration done: 19 Mar 19
Received call for delivery : 20 Mar 19
Delivered on 22 Mar 2019


Yay! The wait ends and a journey begins!


Folks I finally got my Ather 450 (order #3680) yesterday :grin: Riding experience has been great so far…


Finally I got my flight 450. First women’s team to take delivery.


Got my Flight, Thanks Guys.


Finally got my first vehicle delivered yesterday. Named my ATHER 450 as “Hedwig :owl: “ (Harry Potter’s Owl).

Special thanks to my fiend Vijay from ATHER space for being there from booking till delivery

Went for a morning ride with my colleague and his KTM250. I was able to effortlessly keep up with him.

I’ve always been a petrol head & my blog is also called “Heart That Vroom ” and since @Ather.Team hasn’t put a piston in my bike I decided to do it my self.

Enjoying the “Wheeeeing” experience.