Surcharge on Card Payments is not allowed, yet being brazenly asked for!

I asked today to your representative who had called to confirm my booking & payment formalities-- whether I can use my credit card for making payment. He said Yes, but that I’ll need to pay 2% extra for normal Cards, and 3%, if it is an AmEx Card.

This comes as a rude surprise , coming from a company such as Ather/ their Dealerships. With the Govt of India giving a big push for Electronic Payments ( and with even the biggies like LIC of India/ IRCTC having removed “Convenience Charge” or “Surcharge/ Handling Charge” ), this does not appear to be in good taste, nor is it customer centric. Card Schemes state that “usage of a Card should not be disadvantaged in comparison with a competing form of payment”. Only Governments may selectively pass-on the Merchant Servicing Fees (MSF) to a customer. But here, a private entity like Ather Energy and their Dealers are trying to do the same.

Long story short, if I am to use Ather scooter on a point of principle ( being a non-polluting EV), then using a similar logic, I am averse to paying any surcharge, merely for using a payment card.

Please let me know, if surcharging for card transactions, which is a prohibited practice, will be done away with by Ather & their dealers with immediate effect .

Any way, if a Card Scheme/ Regulator or your Card Acquiring banks get wind of this and you may be in some significant trouble. Thus asking / sharing in good faith.

Please do confirm. That decides if I become your customer.

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Suggest you to read following threads to understand better. This point was discussed in length from 2018 onwards.

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