Suggestions from common people

As a common people of india we could see this automobile bike sector is rapidly changing into electric vehicles side. In this scenario we are able to see more companies are launching there new electric vehicle. But i got good reviews about Ather bikes. As a mechanical engineer i could see more Ather bikes are going in a road. But main problem is common people from the road can not come to know that is Ather bike. They will think like this is one of the new electric bike. They will not come to know about Ather company. Because in Ather bikes logo is looking very small its not easly identifiable. So i am request you to enlarge the Ather logo on your bikes and try to use your logo on front side of the bike.


@tarun will relate here with you. :joy::sweat_smile:

Ather scooter design itself is unique and more prominent is the taillight and its typical belt sound.

That Ather logo is just placed perfectly awesome. If it’s made bigger than it will absolutely spoil the design of the scooter.

Absolutely, the sound, the tail light, the drl, everything is designed perfectly to catch attention on road :heart_eyes:.

I sometimes see an Ather in my mirror while riding and within a second i realize… Oh!! Ather!! :heart: I will leave the Ather to overtake me just to hear it’s sound.


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I agree with you Chethan . I too many times hear the unique sound and I turn around and feel so happy