Subscription packs

I subscribed to ATHER lite at the time of my purchase i. e. 23.07.2021. The pack validity is upto 23 rd October. All the features like ride statistics, charging intimation etc was available till 8.9.2021. Yesterday Ather withdrew the facilities available for Ather lite subscription and limited it to navigation and OTA updates before the validity of ongoing subscription. This is unfair and unethical. You could have continued the service upto the subscription validity period. I am unhappy with your premature decision. Also, please understand the changing EV market scenario where new EVs are upcoming and take customer friendly decisions for promoting your EVs in the competitive EV market.


To be Frank, it’s not unfair. They just gave you free trial of pro subscription for few days. I also recieved this trial but for me it was from 28th July to few days back, to be exact - just before they released the “Labs” feature in app.

The thing is subscription plans shouldn’t exist, it’s like asking money for your mobile phone software update. And remember we pay a lot more for Ather compared to a mobile phone (not if you use galaxy fold). These subscription plans should only be around 499 - 899 somthing like that. Asking money for further development of a software in you scooter, that too a little expensive one is Ass move (Sorry for the language, but i stand by it).

I’m quite sure when Ola start offering software update and connectivity for free/cheap Ather will be forced to rethink their strategy