Still a prebooked owner of 450x series 1

Well even after rocking a series 1 for the last 4 months im still being shown as a Pre-booked owner. If this has to do something with my Subscriptions not getting to work i wud certainly like to get it sorted out. My order which i had done in Jan 7 2020 got cancelled by the EC people, because my hypothecation was not inserted in my insurance papers, which i myself had pointed out to the EC guys. Due to that the same was cancelled and a new registration process was initiated.@abhishek.balaji is there a way out of this mess???

Those badges used to be manually added. Someone at the backend team will have to work on this. I suppose this is not a single, and the are many owners with this badge.

Bro, the whole process of owning the scooty is done and dusted via online, then why is that they done have the infra to make it seamlessly easy for the owners.Its not their fault.You pay for the luxury and wen u don get the value for money that u are spending then wat is the fun in that. Ive got too many issues that are needed to be addressed…

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Just to confirm, you are talking of the ‘pre-ordered the 450X’ tag on the forum here?

Click on your profile > Preferences > Account > Set the title you want and select the primary group.

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Thanks though for the reply, coz im used to being pushed around for the same.

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