Srivatsa's first Month Review

Its been one month since I started riding ATHER 450 here is a review and looking for suggestions to improve the ride quality.

Height 6.9" Weighing 85 Kms weight (Pls I am on diet and the weight might come down one day :wink: ) Delivery – 20 Sep 2020

Kms – 498 Kms

Efficiency –

Sports - Best - 19 Wh/ KM Worst - 73 Wh/KM (I still Wonder how :wink: )

Ride - Best - 25 Wh/KM Worst - 84 Wh/KM (Sorry wife wanted try uphill ride :stuck_out_tongue: )

Eco - Best 22 Wh/KM Worst - 72 Wh/KM (Initial Rides)

Average Efficiency – 30 Wh/Km

Predicted Range – 75 (E) 70 ® 70 (S)

Top Speed– 89 Kms

15 - 20 Kms Daily Office to Home Sunday is bird’s rest day :slight_smile:

*Since I am waiting for ride statistics from ATHER team it will help in analysing the scooter more better.

OK enough of statistics now its review time, It might be too early to review but felt it should be a habit :wink: PS: ATHER is my first ever EV to ride

Positives & Best Part :

Acceleration in Sports mode WOW!

Build Quality

Touch Screen Dashboard

FORUM Offcourse :wink:

Disk-brakes as lot of fools around disturbs the ride suddenly

Smooth Rides are more than bumpy one

Negatives or Not Good Part

Different sound for different ATHERs for sure it leaves us confused

MIRRORS is it really there ?? I like the design but I cant even use it fully or partially

No I will not about centre stand :frowning:

Sync with Home Charging and APP. even after 100% it keeps charging for an hour or so, This glitch must be fixed - Reported CS couple of times they said charging status was just 99% etc. Hoping it to be fixed.

Headlight design is too good but not far dark roads

But ATHER is nextgen there is no doubt! They are trying hard to be best in business and I wish they will reach sometime. Still a new experience and I have started analysing now! so tech analysis will take sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

But its pleasure riding and loving the entire experience.