Sports Mode challenge

Sports mode challange

Was that downhill?

No normal road

But still 17 Wh/km is too insane!

But these are the ride stats

This is what I’m able to get on Sports mode now

Looks like an error since all of you have achieved these magical numbers on 26 Sep. Can you folks flag this to the CS team, so they record each incident and can help get this resolved?

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Do you weight 30Kg and live in an area that defies the laws of physics and has ONLY roads that go down all the time :dizzy_face:


Why bother? Use these screengrabs in your next unveil event and make the media & your competitors go crazy :joy:

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:joy::joy: that is a good one but I guess as per my understanding thae never gave exagerated figures. If they do so then what is the difference between Ather and other EV players who spoiled EV market.

Of course, that’s one thing I truly respect about Ather. It is easy to get competitive and exaggerate. It takes a lot of confidence in your output to let the machine speak for itself.