Something between Fast charger and slow charger

Is it possible to get something that is neither fast nor slow charging? Something that consumes power between the dot and the gridpoint?

It would favour long travel given that some new charging facilites do provide more power.

(I had raised this during Kochi owners meet and we call it medium charger. Fast - medium - slow)


Something can be developed with 16amp power consumption, that can deliver at least 25 amps at 58.8v twice what DOT or PC offers, but Ather isn’t developing such a charger sadly


Dot for home charging or slow charging Grid for fast charging Portable charger should be faster than dot and between dot and grid. But sadly portable charger is same as dot in different shell.

Portable fast charger compatible with 15 amps should be offered as accessory. Because grid network is not available in highways. Priced accordingly, may be double of Normal charger with double speed

Ather gen 1…1000 watts on board charger Ather Dot/portable…upto 750 watts Ather grid…upto 5000 watts

Fast portable charger with atleast 1500 watts or 2000 watts will be nice


How do you know this?

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Not quite, See Dot and PC consumes around 770wts, 3.5amp x 220v = 770w to produce 58.8v x 12a = 705.6 considering the PF will be 1.00 power loss in conversion is 65w which is 8% approx. more or less

But Ather grid charges at around 40a x 58.8v = 2352w with multiple systems running in the background I would say 10% loss in conversion, 2600w max Because the entire system is connected on a 20a socket (I have seen that big box behind grid chargers connected to it) image

Maybe the Grid 2.0 is connected at a higher side but there is no way it consumes 5000w


I don’t know how you guys are coming up with these numbers. I believe the grid charges the vehicle approx. At 3kw. I think so because the battery in ather is 3kwh and (From further here I’m guessing ) most cell manufacturers recommend to charge at 1C .

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I’m just gonna throw this question in the room, Will Ather sell a customer a fast charger, but just the basic one without all the distribution box and all the data and network it comes with? just the conversion part?

I’m constantly finding myself without charge and only 15 fast chargers in Chennai there is a 100: 1 charger, so I’m asking will Ather sell the charger to the consumer if he’s willing to buy I’m asking because 50km of sport mode is not enough for a day for me


If Ather release a new charger with more power (at least 1500w)than portable and dot it will help a lot to decrease the charging time and range anxiety.

Let customer choose which charger they need if they are ready to make extra payment.

Also you can create a buyback option for existing portable / dot chargers with good reasonable amount and customers can buy a higher capacity charger for a win-win situation