Some basic questions,

Hi, I’m confused about couple of things, different people are saying different opinions. Hence I thought to ask around official forum.

  1. Will I get home charging equipment installed with no additional cost? Does it require ather onr subscription?
  2. Can I use mobile data(sim in scooter)! without ather one subscription plan? How is the data plan done?
  3. what are the costs for additional portable charger.
  4. Can I use the bike without subscription option for ather one,if I chose to? Any major disadvantages?
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No installation by Ather team costs ₹1800+GST for a standard Installation (20 metres). You can choose to install yourself also. Non standard installation costs ₹150 per metre for wire+conduit+labour.

You can find this here Here

No, you cannot use your own Sim. The scooter uses esim which is not like our mobile phone sim

It is around ₹11k now.

Yes you can. Without the connectivity subscription you’ll not be able to use any smart features including on board navigation and without service subscription you’ll not get any services like RSA Etc. you should pay per service (details of which are available on the website and this Forum)

The charger doesn’t require any elaborate installation rituals. Electrically, it is ready to go. The supply wire is terminated with a 15A plug and an included PRCD doubles up as an adapter to plug it into a smaller 5A socket.

The “installation” is basically drilling 4 holes in a wall and fixing the charger unit to it. Doesn’t require a qualified electrician to do this. All the instructions are in the included manual. You can choose to completely skip this and simply rest or hang the unit somewhere instead. I’ll try to update this post with a picture of a hanging installation.

The one thing the manual DOES NOT tell you is that if the LED indicator on the charger doesn’t turn on after you plug it in and power it up, there is probably a disconnected LED connector inside. Take the cover off, using a Philips head screw driver, connect the two dangling white plugs together, and you’re good to go.

An electrician is only needed if the earthing at your place is faulty. The manual tells you how to check for adequate earthing. If it isn’t, I doubt Ather’s installation team can do anything about it.


Thanks for your responses @hemanth.anand and @blackworks. @arunkumar.16587 this thread will be closed in the next 12 hours if you don’t have any follow up questions. Do search for your query using the search button to avoid repeat questions.

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