Some Add-on to help

Very Recently i have taken my Series 1 and Chennai user , my initial thoughts that would help better experience more usage

  • Center Stand Provision is must for chennai type of cities , i had a tough time in parking the bike in malls and cinema paid parking zone as it takes away 2 vehicle space attends are annoyed and in one case double charge was demanded. Even in narrow roads center stand parking is ideal . Ather should consider providing a add on feather
  • Side footrest and climber , pillion rider with saree feel highly uncomfortable to get into the vehicle and also find it too hard to place the foot. These are basic for Indian vehicles ather should definitely consider providing this as add on.
  • Indication on mobile app on subscription, also currently no indication. Features like Geo fencing, app based vehicle locking , theft alarm, panic message (accident alert) can be added. Also when is Bluetooth expected Regards, Haymanth

Theft detection is there. Also Bluetooth beta testing is on. It should be there after the testing is over. 2-3 weeks I guess?

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Hi sir in ather is not designed for pillion rider footrest so my suggestion is you can fixed saparately footrest for women sir… women are very deficult to sit single side it’s very dangers siting on single side …so please fixed footrest in your nearby mechinc shop sir…

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Leave alone theft detection. I don’t get notifications on 100% charge completion.

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I understand. They’re working on the update I guess. The frustration of people is obvious and evident. But we don’t have much option rather than waiting. Hope all is well soon. :slight_smile: