Solenoid not locking

Point to be noted :
With the key turned off, if you try to charge the vehicle, the vehicle charges but the solenoid does not lock
With the key turned on, if you try to charge the vehicle, it will prompt to turn off the key to start charging. Now turning off the key leads to solenoid lock


I don’t think so, I put it for charging when the handle was locked and the solenoid locked ! Maybe I might have not tried hard enough to pull it back, will try again and let you know

I don’t think this is true either. The solenoid locks in either case. If you’re seeing this repeatedly, schedule a service with the customer care and they’ll take a look at it.


Thank you for the update… Will check again and proceed accordingly :+1:

Don’t do this please. There are chances it could break. You’ll hear a click sound as the lock engages/disengages normally.


Haha, yes Abhishek, will keep that it mind.

I have the exact same issue. When the point is switched off the solenoid does not lock the charger. I can hear the solenoid lock and unlock, but it doesn’t physically lock the charger.

I was able to pull out the charger while bike was still off.

Update: Tried it while the bike was charging and confirmed that the solenoid did not lock. I can still hear the mechanical latch sound, but no physical locking happens.

I am not complaining though, this is how it was when i took delivery and it was super convenient to just switch off the point and pull it out instead of going in getting the keys and the turning on the bike to pull the charger out.

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This shouldn’t be the case. I’ve flagged this to the team.

This happened to me last week.

I kept it for charging. Morning, I could pull the plug without key.

Initially I thought my parking neighbour or security moved my scooter to get some space during which the cable got plugged out thru force… I was even trying to see if CCTV captured it…

Checked the solonoid… Did not notice any damage whatsoever. So, I was doubting if I did not lock it properly when kept for charging.

I just checked my scooter. Even I can pull out the charger even without key…just like how it was when I bought my vehicle. While I am happy with such a possibility, I’m not happy with one difference.
When I purchased the scooter, I couldn’t pull the plug when charging was in progress. But now I can now pull out even when it is charging. Here I’m worried about arcing.

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@hemanth.anand Is that the behaviour you see all the time? Because, for me, it was one-off case. Except for 1 or 2 instances, need to have the key to unlock the charging cable.

Today, I tried when it was charging and when it stopped charging (no power supply) I could not remove it without the key.

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