Software Updates to be completed in the background when not in use

So far in my 2 months ownership I have noticed that whenever a software update happens during the nighttime, next day when I start the vehicle it shows “Completing Update” for 10 - 20 seconds (sometimes longer) and then it restarts.

So, after every update, if I want to drive the vehicle first thing in the morning, I have to wait 1 - 2 mins for the update to finish its thing before I can start driving. This timing might seem very minimal at paper, but imagine you are in a hurry and running late for Office/School and you are prompted with this “Update Completion” screen, it’s testing the patience.

I’m writing this feature request because, during both Stack 5.1 and 5.2 updates I was taking the vehicle in a hurry and only found the dashboard showing the update screen. I waited for a couple seconds and had to leave my vehicle at home and took my Dad’s Fascino.

Can all this update process complete 100% during the nighttime when it is not in use and when we turn the key on first thing in the morning, it can be ready to drive?


Correct me if am wrong, though the update happens in BG, u can start ur vehicle and ride i guess. Try next time…

Update in the night could be an issue too. I went out of station for 5 days on January 27, in between, this update version 202304 happened sometime around January 30/31 on my vehicle. I got to know this when I opened the Ather app on January 31 at 4:48pm and the ride mode changed seen on the app from Sport mode (orange/amber color) to Ride mode (light blue). I got confused and was wondering how the mode changed automatically for a scooter hibernating in the garage, then, I checked the dahsboard software version and found 202304. When I came back to station yesterday, February 2, 2023, the first thing I did was to rush to the garage and check the scooter. Voila! The scooter was stuck on *Update completion screen and needed my intervention :rofl::rofl::rofl: At that moment, I was worried about the next version 202305 for the AutoHold feature as I live in a hill station. Well, I patiently let the scooter complete the installation and check the profile, to my surpise, I got that alert for another software update alert for 202305

To summerize the above boring description wherein a situation where the autoupdate stuck for days, to avoid a situation stated by you, scheduling the update at a convenient time would be better IMO. This option is also seen generally on mobile phone updates other than 3am schedule update.

That is, a combined option instead of auto update:

  • Install immediately
  • Schedule the update - a) default schedule update at 3am [presently available in updates/cases where human intervention is required during the update], and b) schedule update at a time to be set by the user

I have not tried this. But I’ll try it next time when an update happens.

Agree 100%, a customizable update slot is needed. Because we cannot plainly assume 3 AM can be a down time for every user.

I’d also prefer the updates to be completed without human intervention as much as possible.

I also noticed that the “Update later” is broken in the software right now. I agree with the comment above that it should not be in background and instead give an option to user to install at decided time.

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