SOC/battery percentage in ride stats

Another feature or stat I would like to request is on our ride stats page . It should show starting % and ending %


Just curious, why do you want this feature? How do you see it as being useful? Adding some more details on this would help others understand and vote this up, as well as for our product team to understand this need and consider the feature.

I am wondering if the following enhancements to recent rides/ride log will make sense for users:

  • Show the battery charging events on the app timeline 29/07/2021 @ 06:30 AM - started charging @ 30% 29/07/2021 @ 09.30 AM - unplugged charging @ 90%
  • Capture and display the % charge at the start and end of each trip on the app
  • Display % battery consumed per trip

This will help us to plan our rides better


This will be really useful We could understand the energy used in each ride. And we could get to know how much we charged every time we plugged in the vihicle

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Don’t think this will be useful in any means. After a point it will get boring & will be neglected. However, a trip C, that will show, kms driven AND efficiency numbers since last charge will be helpful. AND it will be fairly simple for Ather to implement. :blush:

@swapniljain @tarun @abhishek.balaji
Can have the percentage of battery consumed after every ride.

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