Smart Charging

Is it true that the new 450X base model will take 15 hours to charge? Is this a joke? :thinking:


Yes, the base variant will charge at around 250W. The same goes for the Pro Pack and the only way is to purchase a fast charger at 14k.


What? These are some weird decisions…! No doubt the government is sending them show cause notice. Sigh…!


Nope. There is a communication gap as Pro pack would be given a 750W charger. No additional purchase is required. Swapnil confirmed in twitter

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Thanks. That is better…!

Ather grid should not accept the handle locked Ather hope there is senser for handle lock.


You can add a smart plug to turn on and off the charger remotely.

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But what about those who lives in flats?

I have 2 but I can only use in my house.

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Did that for over a year. Then it gets kinda boring to monitor or spend efforts on it. Now that Ather has put a pay wall to even know how much the bike is charged, I ripped everything off. :grinning:

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