Skidding of back wheel during run

Dear Sir,

My son regularly uses Ather 450 and recently he is facing issue. Back wheel is not stable and it skids even on plain surface during run. Pl review and suggest solution. My contact no 9740317133

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How many kilometres have you ridden the scooter for ?

I have not faced this issue with my 450. Following could be the reason

  • is the wheel bald? (which is unlikely)
  • was that particular road stretch oily? Or with mud? Or with sand?
  • what was the speed at which the skidding happened?
  • Did he apply both brakes together or one?

My ather also same issue I don’t know happened with tyre I run my ather 7000 kilometres

If you are using sport mode, this does not occur since throttle applied is converted to motion immediately. But if you are using Eco or Ride mode, between throttle applied & motion of vehicle, there will be a slight lag. If this happens while you are on a smooth surface, chances are you unknowingly apply more throttle resulting in skid. Pl check & let me know.

I have fallen once during the rains . I was on an incline and applied brake quite gently but it skid real bad.

Today was drizzling and same skid. Fortunately I managed to stay okay.

A bit difficult to ride ather during rains. Will avoid henceforth .

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