Simple Energy Mark 2

Ather also tested their initial mules in Meeco Kartopia and so is Simple energy. This video says simple energy factory will be in Whitefield. I wonder if they have occupied the same factory premises of Ather? .

Overall scooter looks smaller than Ather but the floorboard is thicker I guess. If their range claim is close to reality, Ather’s sale numbers can be affected…atleast in Bengaluru.


Going to make this a very knees high sort of position. Still not big enough for a battery that can give 240Km of range. Even considering 20Wh/Km which is highly unlikely, it would be a 4.8kWh battery pack. And the arai range was 240Km for mark1 so idk how they’re doing it.

The bigger wheels make it look a tad bit bigger.

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It’s the beginning of new era.

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Where’d you get this. Doesn’t seem legit.

I just saw this older video from them. I wonder if they changed their design.

From what I hear, yes.

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You’ll need to navigate through a few dicey links that have spam links overlaid on them, but you will finally reach this page. I think the above link is from there:

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We have a date 15th May apparently.

Credits - @Dhruvath



A couple of things struck me when I read the article on them:

The first prototype that we developed had a 200 km range in Eco mode, which is between 30-40 kmph speed

If they can actually give 200 km range at 40 kmph, that’s truly incredible. But can they, with existing tech within reasonable costs? Curious to know how they achieved the seemingly impossible.

Suhas Rajkumar, Founder & CEO, Simple Energy: The Ather 450X is our primary competition. What Ather Energy has done is absolutely amazing, there’s no doubt about that.

My hunch is that they aspire to have their pricing pegged somewhere in the vicinity of Ather 450 / 450 Plus very likely. Their primary intention would be to just give enough incentive to dislodge the potential target audience of Ather 450X, if at all their economics allows them to.

Also, on a different note, if we all thought the Ather seat was a literal pain in the arse to use, then check out the incline on this thing (that of the pillion section is quite a bit too)!


They might be able to. For reference. These Chinese EVs and even Pure EV gives a 2.5kWh battery pack at 80k and some 2.8 kWh at under 1 lakh. The Benlng Aura is a relatively goof scooter at 1 Lakh. 2.8kWh will give 100+Km
Simple might have packed a 4kWh battery at 1.4lakhs. I think it could be split. Some in the floor. Some part under the seat. Only way they can do it. The only problem I see is, the motor. When these EVs are priced low with high range, they tend to have a very under powered motor. So they must have done some cost cutting somewhere. Just have to see where it is.
I would choose more range over smart. What about the rest of you

Which would you choose
  • Smart scooter normal range, high performance- 450X
  • More range, no connected features, not smart , average ride mode performance
  • Extreme high range, low power, analog cluster

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Correct! And that is what is surprising. Most companies try to cut down on costs by sourcing components from China. But SE claims that they have developed everything inhouse or sourced locally (except the cells). So yeah, there is some component that is going to drop the ball somewhere. We’ll know only on launch I guess.

Or, what if they want to take a loss just like Ather did with Ather 450 for more than 1 year.

By that time, volumes and battery cost lead savings might offset the loss too.

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Yes, I think that’s what they’ll have to do most likely, considering how saturated this market has become with so many startups…

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