Simple Energy Mark 2

New startup from Bangalore


sounds too good to be true.


Possible exaggeration of claims. Core team from Ather and other competitors !! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Theoretically possible to achieve all the claims, but doubtful at the priceā€¦

they could be cutting cost on screen, smartness, software, overall experienceā€¦

This features are totally unrealistic

  1. Price: 4.2 kw battery means double the capacity of ather. Means battery only will be costing around 1 lakh.

  2. Range : max it can give 200 km range with this battery capacity. Assuming ather power.

  3. Battery weight: 6 kg seriously??? One more false claim.

  4. Charging time : all we know faster we charge, shorter the lifespan of battery.

  5. Speed: claimed pickup is more than 200 cc bike.

If these features provide in 1.5 lakh. People will forget ICE bike


0% to 50% charge in 20 minutes? I call bluff!

Battery Price - I think approximate consumer price is around 15k per Kw or less. So, it should be 60kā€¦ Article mentioned 10 year contract with Panasonic will get them lower priceā€¦ So we can assume they should be able to get < 50k if not even cheaper.

Charging - Fast charging will degrade the life. But that is where technology movesā€¦ and consumers are accepting it too. See all the phones and laptopsā€¦ Focus is on reducing the weight, increasing the speed of charging without much heatā€¦

Yeah, life of vehicle is much more than that of laptops and phones. But, faster charging will be the normā€¦ Even 450x focuses on faster charging.

Btw, this could all be wrong, bluff, may not come out at allā€¦ but we dont get anything by thinking that way :smiley:



  • The Mark 2 electric scooter from Simple Energy looks very futuristic.
  • The Mark 2 offers a range of over 280km.
  • Simple Energy claims a top speed of 103kmph for the Mark 2 electric scooter.

More details @


You Should wait for the mark 2 and then decide form 450x .and then buy

Might be better option to 450x buyers

If it is anywhere around 1.1 L and it meets all the claims then for sure it is a better buy than the 450x.

If claims are true book pre-orderā€¦

These claims maybe fake and just to collect Pre-order amounts from public and escape laterā€¦be careful in payments before taking its Test ride practically.

  • Range: 280+ km
  • Charging time: 40 minutes at home and 17 minutes at a charging station
  • Top speed: 103 kmph and 0-50 in 3.1 seconds
  • Dashboard: 7inch touch display IP67 rating with 4G connectivity
  • Battery Type: li-ion and removable lightweight battery
  • The product will be sold between 1,00,000- 1,10,000
  • 80-90 % of the scooter is made & developed in India