Sidestand sensor override option from dashborad

Hi Ather team, Please provide provide option to manually override sidestand sensor so that scooter can start when its malfunctioning. My sidestand sensor is malfunctioning since yesterday night and I’m not able to use the scooter. There is no customer support after 7pm and this is a long festival weekend, and the issue is not very serious that its needed to be taken to service centre immediatedly. Instead of towing it to service centre, is it possible to provide warning sign in dashboard (something similar to “check engine light” ) so that I can take it to service centre at my free time. Also since malfunction happened in night time, I would have been stuck if I was outside, but luckily it happened in home.


Wow, that sounds very serious. Glad it just happened at your home. Did it have any kind of impact or it just failed out of the blue?

Ather should get this checked right away!

Just out of blue, it not being used much is last couple of weeks, just 1-2 km a day. Scooter is only 2 months old. Talked to customer support in day time( calls start at 10am, not 9am as mentioned in app) scooter needs to be towed to service centre and its chargeable(₹2000) since I don’t have service pro subscription. They are trying to waive it off since its a new vehicle, currently waiting for approval from higher ups.

Having an option of manually overriding this will help preventing towing costs later, one of the main selling point of EVs was low maintenance. This just negates that. They can just show check sensor warning and I can take it to service centre. @abhishek.balaji @melvin.wilson


Ather should consider this kind of enhancements, Scooter should not be stop working completely just because some other malfunctions. The primary functionality of scooter must be running.

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