Sharing portable charger

Sidlagatta, Chickballapur district. Near by only. Sunday evening I will return. If you can share let me know where to collect and when

let me know which way u r going

if it is from jakkur - u can collect on the way

else today evening

Those who wants to borrow my portable charger, feel free to reach me. In return I expect a nice coffee (darshini coff will do :smile: )

I am placed next to Bannerghatta Main Road, behind IIM B.


FYI - Ather May now have inventory for portable chargers, I got mine a few days ago.

You can loan mine if needed though. I stay near Medahalli(about 5kms from KR Puram).


Can I request to borrow portable charger for 2 days? Any one staying near Marathahalli, Kundanahalli or Whitefield area?

If you had posted this 12 hours ago… could have picked it up from my office yesterday :slight_smile:

Yeah I too realized only when posting this. :slight_smile:

Next time, you can borrow from me. I stay near Sarjapura area :slight_smile: .

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Thank you @Phani.S :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,
I’m expecting my flight delivery by this weekend and seems like portable chargers won’t be available even then. I’ll be in need of it. If I don’t get new one from showroom, can I take it from anyone of u? Is there any WhatsApp group for better communication?

If you are from chennai, please join the group and post the request…
We will definitely help you out :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. But I’m from Bangalore (Jp nagar). Anyone nearby?

I have both versions (older AC powered) and new one (DC). Anyone wants to borrow for short period, you may please message me directly. Alternatively you may reach me over Whatsapp or through SMS at 9741-267-123 (refrain calling me as I will not be able to pick your call)

I am located close to KA51 RTO office on Bannerghatta Road.


Unable to join the what’s app group

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Anyone willing to sell the Portable Charger Version 2 ? Ather has the portable one out of stock :sob:

I am planning to visit Malur its about 50 Kms from Malleshwaram. @rajeshkav has agreed to share but he lives very far from my home. If anyone around Charajpet or Malleshwaram ready to share portable charger please message me. I have some official work in Malur for 1 Week. I want to get rid of my millage anxiety by making this trip a success.

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