Sharing portable charger

people who need charger for a weekend can request here

people who are ready to share their charger can respond


@gt_ravi let me know ur plan for the weekend

we will meetup and can provide u the charger


This is indeed a very good and motivating initiative…:+1:


I already have portable charger not sure if Ather will give one more charger to me. if they can I will buy one and we can share with everyone who needs it.


Great intention to share with fellow users. Thanks for just the thought itself :slight_smile:

Just another thought. Let me know the views if it is practical? Can we pool in some money and get some 4-5 chargers which can be used for shared usage?



we can do that

but let’s see what is the requirement
may be for a month or two and shall do that if we think we are short


My point installation is not done yet, so it would be great if someone could lend me their charger just for this weekend. I have requested Ather for a portable charger, but it seems they don’t have it in stock.

I was thinking not just v because of shortage… But if any repair, both will be upset…

If pooled in, no hard feelings

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Let me know when you guys start the fundraising and I’ll chip-in my share. In addition to that, as Abhishek said, according to the Requirement and Beta Phase Data, I will buy a portable charger and keep it with @Abhishek



but @gt_ravi is in Q for my charger (though he is not confirmed yet)

any help… @rajeshkav or @hemanth.anand or any @Ather_Owner

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no problem

we have 2 years warranty

and i doubt if that is increased to 3 as pod warranty is increased, so no problem

but still we will do that based on requirement…

I think the general behaviour is charging every other day or once in 2-3 days. I’m happy to lend mine. I can commit to charging on alternate days :smiley:

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let me know if you need during this week

not sure how u r charging the flight

i won’t need it anyways

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Thanks a lot! Right now I am not even using it.

Just waiting to get approval from my apartment association to install the pod. There is a lot of back and forth, and they don’t seem to be very keen to allow it.

that’s bad

i don’t know how you are resisting from riding flight even after buying

let me know where do you stay,

pm me your location… on maps

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I’m guessing what will happen when ather launches in Mumbai. :thinking: Are apartment associations so rigid?

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In Delhi and Mumbai people know what the the effects of pollution and they have seen it. so they will be the first one to agree to put chargers. :smiley: :smiley:

Let us know if you need any help in convincing you apartment association people. we can come over on weekend talk to them.

I want to understand what is stopping them in giving permission.

I will try and sell Ather to few of them there. :wink:


Haha that’s a great idea :slightly_smiling_face: I have only been talking to them over email, let me try to catch them in person and see what their concerns are. Thanks a lot for offering to help, will reach out for help if they don’t budge.

I have to say this forum and you guys are awesome :+1:


Hey buddy, Thank you for keeping me in Q. I will collect this Thursday or Friday Evening. I planned this weekend, let me show my new acquisition in village. I personally msg where to collect… thank you once again