Sharing of Home charge point-Ather Community Grid

Hi all Ather owners with charge point at home,

How many of you are willing to and technically can share your home charging points with fellow Ather owners?

As the grid is scare at the moment, it is good to know like minded fellows who can offer their home charger with others.

I am all open for this but only with ones who are open to offer their charger point too.

For all communication it is best to have a WhatsApp group where such owners can reach other and share charge in need.

This should be for helpless situation and not primary source of charge to depend upon.


At the moment, sharing of home points is only possible if you call support and ask them to remap the point to your friends 450/340.

Unless Ather brings out an app update to support this feature, it is a tedious process.

Also, instead of a WhatsApp group I would suggest using the RE:Charge India app and register yourself as a provider.


Ather owners are already sharing? Ather is incorporating this in app?

Ather coming into this is a long shot and they for sure won’t come into this as there would be more liability for them to be responsible for. I will be happy to be proven wrong here.

I am keeping it more personal and reserved and again only for Ather to Ather owners.

It has to be voluntarily executed with mutual understanding.

Ather points are listed in the app. The app is managed by Pluginindia who are a well known EV enthusiast.

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I am talking of individuals’ home charge point sharing not the grid pods.

Like I said, no point putting up your Ather home charge point because it does not work with any Ather vehicle other than yours.

There are folks who have put up 15A sockets for public use ( remarks will give owner name, contact and hours of operation).

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Wow, the home Ather point is exclusive???
Cannot share with another Ather??

Yes. It’ll be binded to Ur vehicle.

@Ather.Team why one charger cannot charge any other ather bike?

Just wait for a few more athers on road and people using your charger. You’ll be shocked to see your electricity bill.

There is subscription to take care of it and that is the reason I mentioned of keeping it very reserved among Athers and that too who mutually exchange the same facility.

When you usage crosses the threshold, you’ll move to the next BESCOM pricing slab = a higher than average bill that Ather One won’t cover since the rate is capped at Rs6.5/Unit



As said one of criteria of sharing is as emergency back up and not primary source of charge.
Understanding is important here, one should just use and not misuse.

People who are into enough of constant/indefinite roaming in the city and failed to manage to have enough charge for any reason can rely on additional source for help.

If two ather owners know each other. Then there will be mutual understanding between them to share charging pod. (Like u dnt have any problem when your friend puts his mobile for charging in your home)

Problem comes when many ather owners charging from private charging pods. (Like many random guys coming to your home for charging their mobile)

Note : Reimbursement is every 3 months and @ Rs.6.50 per unit of electricity consumed

Subscription links to your vehicle and not the pod. The vehicle stores the units. Not the pod.


I will be ready to share my charging pod or 15 amps slot when i setup 5kw & above Solar Power Plant on My house rooftop :slight_smile:


This is one of concern - purely on economic part of it.
If Ather cannot manage to support here, then again it is more of gentlemen agreement that one rewards the other in some way - depending upon the usage.

Before further comments, it will be great if people read the message in full and get the context.

It is emergency backup resource.

Why treat it as Ather grid point or other commercial charge station?

Great to hear that…

You really wouldn’t want to wait at someone’s house to top up your battery trust me. It’s slower compared to the grids. Emergency cases are welcome.

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When it is stated as emergency it means u have no option but do it. It is better wait get charge to reach nearest grid or to home than being abandoned on street.

Pls do read the message in full and get the context.