Service without Subscription - Pros and cons?

Hello guys!

Has anyone here got their ather service without any subscription ? Like just drive in get services booked and return Without a subscription, just like any other 2w.

If yes, Kindly let me know the average costs around it. My odo is at 3500kms but I have started facing wierd sounds and noises in my vehicle.

So I thought of dropping by the service station and getting checked with a prior appointment.


This is exactly what i asked for. But no response


I guess most of them just have a subscription and get the service done. This is kinda grey area.

With no oil change, air filter like in normal moped. The average cost should be less than 1k I guess as Ather comes with less consumables. I’ll give them a call and enquire

Here is the link for the charges for pay per service basis.

This is available in FAQ SECTION in post purchase section of ather website.