Service related issues

Creating this thread for post-service related issues.


This is the smartness of ATHER. Always ready to hear the voice of customer

@Ather.Team s*cks to the core My scooter had been for service 10th time in 2 months and it came back today with the issue still persisting They make a fool out of us @tarun Before expanding make your current customers happy Dont try to increase the quantity increase the quality first There is no point of talking to these ather service manager They are just making a fool by telling all problems are solved @Ather.Team i regret buying your worst class scooter @Ather.Team @tarun @swapniljain @abhishek.balaji HAD A VERY BAD EXPERIENCE WITH @Ather.Team

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Could you elaborate on the issue you faced this time?

I had faced an issue on the handle bar where the scooter is not turning left or right freely and once you bend a litte towards any side it just pulls you off I gave it for service again last friday and it came back today and the problem still persists

@abhishek.balaji is there any permanent solution for tyre pressure loss? I am losing nearly 5 to 8 psi within 2 day’s of getting air filled ? Already had sent vehicle for service they said nothing is wrong with valves or no tyre punctures.

Hello, my name is bharath

I own a 450 approximately 8 months old, with in 8 months I have faced lot of issue like

  1. battery fan error
  2. over all vehicle was dead no response from the vehicle.
  3. now its is showing battery is entreed low power mode, and I call ather regarding this issues there are telling there no slot for pickup untill Monday.

Worst Service team with in 8 month too many problems how can it be.

Service team never keeps up their words! For some minor issue they took my vehicle KA51HM8546 for 60 hours. Then imagine for some major problem. One of the worst service and coustomer care in Bengaluru!

Hey Anand, that’s not the experience we’d want you to have. I will check with the team on why this happened, and have an update shared with you ASAP.

Your technical team had told they will deliver after 72hrs. “Really!”, I was wondering why they need 72 hours for a minor service. Some problem with technical support itself. After 72hours still costumer care is replying “our team will call when it’s ready”. Please let me know what is the status of my vehicle. Will I get it or I have to go further?

Very bad experience with Ather Service

I own Ather 450 and has driven more than 15.5 K kms. Recent past Ather service has become horrible. Last week i started getting a message of earthing issue while charging. I did not get proper response and they informed they can send service person after 3 days. The problem resolved automatically. For the past 2 weeks my Athers performace started dropping. Atleast 10 times i was forced to force start. Today (24th Nov) suddenly my performance went down and it came displayed error code : M017 and message was vehicle was switched to low power mode due to internal error. In 1 hr time while i was on ride i was forced to restart 4 times. I came back with great difficulty and called the only service no of Ather. As usual my call was attended after 6 mins. I explained my problem and asked for immediate attention. The answer was no slots available for 1 week. So pathetic and painful situation. The service of Ather has taken a solid beating. I explained that i don’t have any other commuting please prioritize and pick up the vehicle immediately and resolve the issue. The response i got is they are going to charge for picking up. By paying whatever they say for getting my subscriptions and up and going this was a beautiful service experience i got

Also i have paid full money for Ather 450X series1. Unfortunately i have taken bumper to bumper insurance also. Now i am seriously thinking of cancelling vehicle if possible. I cannot bare this kind of service. There is no other channel to complaint and i need to call the same number. People in the forum please help in judging if this is worth continuing with Ather on this kind of service front


Hey @nsrchowdary

Not the experience we want our owners to have. As I understand from the team they’ve reached out to you to schedule a pickup of your scooter and get the issue rectified.


Happy to say that my issue got rectified and service was great. One thing i want to bring to your notice is once vehicle is picked your service will be unbeatable and speed is UN imaginable. Hats off to your team. I really appreciate.

But i am not happy with few people who receive the complaints. First answer we get is we don’t have slots available and your vehicle will be attempted after a week. They don’t have patience for giving soothing answers to customers. The first impact any customer gets is why did i purchase this vehicle. Hope on priority basis you can fix this.

Once again thanks for fixing my issue with superspeed

Having subscription Ather 360 plan.

Scooter picked up for scheduled service morning 10am in my office address. 4pm scooter is ready for delivery.

I was available in residence address so I raised a request to deliver to my residence address.

But service team did not agree to give delivery to my residence address. They told " Because rider’s scooter is parked in your office address, so we will deliver scooter in office address only".

I still didn’t understand what is meaning of Door step pick-up and drop .:thinking:

sounds wrong, we will check


Please sir …:innocent:

Problem solved thank u sir @tarun :blush:


Sorry for the confusion. As updated by the team, your 450 is on the way to your home!


Yes it’s on the way . Thanks for responding :blush:


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