Series 1 sold an normal 450x

In my city of alibag there are 4 series 1 out of which 2 booked in February of 2021 and main in January of 2020 isn’t it wrong ather selling series 1 to everyone who’s asking for it. its not right for the people who are thinking they are exclusive as ather said only who booked before 31jan 2020 will get opportunity to buy the series 1 and it only for early birds well that’s not true anymore .

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We had planned for a certain number of units produced and had a few leftover. Series 1 won’t be produced as a regular variant.

When I inquired for series 1 in Dec on the 26th they said special edition no longer available… Only 1st 500 bookings. But by then not even 500 people had deliveries. Later what i see was, people requesting in Jan and Feb were also offered series 1.

How unfair this was…

But by then I had no interest in black varient. (just saying why lie a person who shows genuine interest.) :frowning: :pensive:


So then how can you provide us (Kolkata) the series 1 vehicle ?

Sorry for u man ! I am sure ather didn’t do this purposefully, it just happened since some customers who were offered series 1 might have not agreed to purchase it or they got more series 1 manufactured more than expected and lie on their factory !