Seat Modification

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As you all probabaly know, the Ather’s seat is pretty terrible in terms of back support. Well, atleast for me it was. I can’t blame the company though as this is the same woth most manufacturers. Anyway, I decided to finally get the seat redone. I went to this store called Rao Seat Covers (in Bangalore, got to know about it from this video: Yamaha AEROX SEAT Modified for Long Touring - YouTube). I’ll drop the address below. The inspiration for the seat was the old honda goldwing. A slightly scooped out seat with some amount of back support. I obviously wouldn’t be able to completely replicate that on the Ather but I figured we could try to do the same to best of our ability.


Honda Goldwing Seat (Inspiration)

Seat original

Ather’s Original Seat

Rao Seat Covers Bangalore

This was the original seat foam that the scooter had. The curvature in the front was putting a lot of pressure on my back which in turn was causing pain, so I wanted to get rid of that.

The salespeople are vey patient and keep asking for suggestions throughout the modification process. They custom shape the seat and add or remove foam based on your requirements.

Once the design is final, they ask you if you’d like to wrap it with foam (yellow) or with gel. Gel is much more expensive however. I opted for foam as it was fairly soft.

After this, you havea variety of custom made covers, fabrics and stitching to choose from. I went for this cross stitched pattern . Overall quality is excellent. The full process took around 2 hours and cost me Rs 2500. Although not perfect, the seat comfort has drastically improved over the stock seat due to the thicker foam. Definitely would recommend.



Hi Bro, Can i have this exact sit made up? Or I have to give my existing seat to them?

Looks great. How is it in terms of not letting you keep sliding forward all the time when you apply breaks? This is my main annoying thing about the stock seat.


They can do both. I got it done over the existing seat


Much better, They added extra foam towards the front to prevent the same


Hello mr. Kevin. How’s the seat now? I get lower back pain if I do long stretches on my bike. I hope the seat mod works ergonomically.

Hi, I sold my scooter as I moved out of the state. The modification worked fine for slightly longer stretches but anything over 15kms and you will probably start to feel the pain again. I suppose all scooters in general aren’t very comfortable

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Hi sir. May I know what price you sold your Ather for?