Scooter not turning on

Was it just the screen blanking out or did the scooter turn of completely?

Scooter was still running, just the screen blacked out. In the first instance the screen came back on its own while the bike was running (it started again with splash screen)

In the second instance (yesterday), the screen blacked out. I was at a traffic signal, so switch off and switched on and everything fine so far!

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I’d suggest you monitor this for a few days. If the issue occurs and it’s a major annoyance for you, do raise a service request to get this rectified.

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Finally my flight back to my home. With lot of parts are changed. I hope it wont repeat

Today my scooter got motor off repeatedly and shows charge battery 15%…

Like that after 10 times the scooter motor on but no power …

Scooter taken for service

Will do, since it is going to be difficult to fix if it is a one off occurrence.


I recently started facing the same issue. While riding the scooter shuts down showing 0% charge and requires restart to start working again. Also, the scooter stopped turning on - no lights, just a click sound, doesn’t charge. I have reported to ather. Hope they resolve soon. This is within 1000kms. @Ather.Team. Can you please let me know the root cause for this issue in the previous instances.

I also faced the issue of scooter not turning on after shut down yesterday night. called customer support for assistance but could not get a proper response @Ather.Team can you plz look into the issue.

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