Scooter not turning on

I am standing center of the road. My vehicle complete shutout. Nothing working second time in 3 days. Not even 100 kms drive.

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Might be because of key head. Just a guess.

@Ather.Team @abhishek.balaji This is totally unfair. You provided defective vehicle. It not worth for onroad

That’s so bad. @Ather.Team should make sure that new vehicles should not have such defects.

Today i faced issue (Next day of delivery Just drove 2.7 KM) My vehicle completely shutdown in middle of the road. Big embrassment to me. People asking so many question in between the road. @Ather.Team really horrible condition today. Finally Road side assisent come and pick the vehicle. My Day 1 Ride very sad.

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Oh god :pensive: feeling sad to know that.

Hey can you tell what happened after this? Did you get your vehicle back? Is everything working fine now?

Yet not sir. Still not update from @Ather.Team Feel very bad paid premium price. No support from Ather Team. Today morning my self called CC they also clueless what happned. My app Show vehicle in Service center. @abhishek.balaji This is not good.

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That’s really unfortunate :pensive:… I hope you get your bike back soon with all the problems fixed. I have my delivery scheduled in 2 weeks. Hoping I won’t face the same problems :sweat_smile:


Fell very bad it stop middle of the road. People asking so much question.

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They didn’t give you any temp flight?

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Worst support and cheap quality from ather delivery now. CC team clueless. Service team hopeless.

Delivery 5th March. Drive to home did Pooja. Next day drive 10 kms. Saturday breakdown complete shutdown. Ather pick up vehicle. Again give delivery Monday. Asked what is the issue. Temporary software bug. Tuesday drive 40 km. Wednesday again shutdown middle of the road. @Ather.Team we paid money. Not stone.

@abhishek.balaji don’t open new thread people know how you irresponsible after delivery.

Road side assistance pick my vehicle second time in two days. All are asking so many questions

@abhishek.balaji this is ownership experience. We paid almost 118000 for this crap machine.

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Hi Harsha,

Unfortunate that this happened to you, and I’m sure the team will resolve your issue.

This is not unfortunate. Your irresponsible service team not done their duty

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Its very bad …:smirk: from ather…

this is second time ather team pick my vehicle due to their irresponsible and negligence. Brand new vehicle complete shut off. In middle of the road.

I am thinking file a case against @ather in consumer Court. For providing faulty vehicle

They hired unprofessional developer. result is this type of work.

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:pensive: that’s so sad. Hope all gets fixed without any issues.

I have the same issues in Ather service. I got my bike on Dec 8, till now 4 times it has gone for garage for one or the other issue. As i write this my bike is in garage. They took the bike in March 14th still no update. I have to call them and ask every day… @abhishek.balaji and @Ather.Team, please understand it’s hard earn money…

I did have an issue where screen blanked out for a few seconds while reading but it rebooted (started with the 450 splash screen and came back on). Happened only once but apart from this everything was still working

Happened once again yesterday. Screen completely blank and had to switch off and turn on the key. Twice now in 2 days!