Savings you have with your EV

I agree that the final goal of ather isn’t to just be the club of elite customers. But I think Tarun said it somewhere that the idea of bringing a high cost low volume vehicle as proof of concept and then moving to a low price high volume product is always the right way to start off. And 450X is just a stepping stone in that direction and I think the 450 wasnt exactly the premium product they were looking for that can make them good profits and get them going. Also

I don’t think you took into account the added features and performance. It’s not just about breaking even with the 450X. It’s better to compare the performance with a 150cc scooter like the Aprillia and even with that you won’t be able to match the kind of features that only come in 10+ lakh bikes. But in your case you’ve moved from one segment to a segment higher.


Are you sure with those numbers? I got a 5 year insurance for 9k for my 450 :sweat_smile:


Which insurer is providing 1st party insurance for 5 years at a time. My estimates are based on insurance mentioned on Ather website for 450 which costs 5,778 for 1 year own damage & nill dip and 5 year third party insurance.

Another estimate is from Bike Dekho website for RE Classic 350 which has ex-showroom price of Rs 1.6 lakh (same as 450x) and insurance estimation is Rs ~9000.

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Plans from Acko


Well I paid a little under 9k for 5+5😅

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Which insurance company is this from?

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Digit Insurance provided 1y (own damage) + 5y (TPL) for ₹5.5k

Who is the insurance provider…?

Have you seen the new Aprillia 150 series prices? They are upwards of 1.3lakhs. Going above 1.6lakhs also. And the 450X Has better performance than those too. Better features and handles better too.

Only thing missing is ABS. Which imo you don’t really need considering the amazing weight balance and breaks. But still would have been nice to have. @tarun maybe something you guys can bring in with a 450X refresh 2 years down the lane next to your budget scooter.

So comparing those 2 there is no surge upfront cost. We all thought EVs will get cheaper but now, ICE have gotten expensive enough to justify the upfront cost of an EV🤦


As I mentioned at the end of my post, I don’t think Ather is looking to be a niche player like Piaggio in a huge 2 wheeler market. Piaggio sells around 5,000 vehicles (all Vespas and aprilias combined) per month and has market share of less than 0.5%.

If Ather really wanted to be a premium 2 wheeler company, they should have started with motorcycle instead of scooter. Volume of premium motorcycles (Rs 1.5 lakhs +) is much higher than premium scooters.

Coming few months will be interesting as they reveal if there’s a market for premium electric scooters. Based on initial numbers, it’s definitely not the case.


No they’re not. But it’s where they want to start off at so that they can still handle the expansion. Motorcycles come with the notion that they can be used for long intercity rides. EVS haven’t yet gotten there. And scooters are more in line with where EVs stand today. Urban intracity mobility.


Your point on ABS is not convincing ABS is far better breaking system than combi-breaking . My personal experience it saves me .


Very true. Compared to Aprilia and Vespa, Ather looks like huge value. Would be interesting to see the pricing of Burgman EV next.

Oh no argument there. It is far safer. Yes. But I’ve never been in a situation that I felt the need of an ABS. The weight balance barely allows for the front to lock up.

But isn’t a reason for ABS to not be there.


But roads are filled with idiots. Sometimes they jump on roads.


The Oriental Insurance Company

Contact of the agent who helped me out: Name:Hemanth(Insurance) Mobile:+91 98456 94752

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5+5? You mean 10 years insurance for 9k?

“5+5” means 5 years of Own damage coverage + 5 years of Third party damage coverage


Like the concept by, Shreejith Krishnan

Thanks @Suraj_madhu. Good review. My search that ended me to this post was, related to the extra uncertain expenses that occur during periodic services or say eg. Issues like the throttle that had to be replaced once on Ather.

Want to consider such expenses since my 6yrs old ICE has kept my pocket surprising every now and then in 2019. The year I last used it over 1,150kms/month. Same average monthly total distance since 2016. Mostly replacements, oil, service & breakdowns.

I would be interested in such savings discussions that would help me plan on other investments; but all I can do is just assume till I own a 450.

Can any present Ather owners share their experience with service, replacements, breakdowns, any surprise expense that would deviate this savings plans with Ather? Would help. Thanks.