Sale and transfer experience of used 450

Hi creating this to know the after experience of

  1. Experience of owners or buyers of used 450.

  2. Discussions related to sale.

  3. Transfer of vehicle to buyers name.

  4. Transfer of vehicle and order to new user credentials.

Not market place. That is a separate topic.

Please share your experiences so that it can help others too.



Finding a Buyer :

Approached few buyers from forum, found a very little luck.

Very few people responded and only few of them showed a little interest. So finally decided to post in OLX and try. I didn’t register for AHC though I got an email, as my vehicle did not run for much KM and its pretty much new I thought that is not required and time taking process too.

My vehicle might be the newest and less run vehicle here for transfer.


29/11/2020 2:00AM

I posted the advertisement in OLX. With in next 5 to 5:30 hours my chat box is filled with messages from at least 25 to 30 buyer’s messages.

Believe me I felt like It is like a share market experience selling a used product.

We try to push the price up like BULLS. And they try to pull down like BEARS.

Lot of them are so unfair and expecting at a cost of 65 to 75 range. But few are ok they are atleast in the territory and tried to negotiate.

Finally I found this buyer who is really interested and Ok with the cost tried to negotiate a little but I was convinced that he is pretty interested and would buy. He asked me to let know where can we meet so that he can test the vehicle.

I only went to his house as that is just a 15min ride from my place. He tested the vehicle and pretty much impressed by it. His father also ride the vehicle.

Immediately he transferred the amount and my advertisement in OLX deleted by 10:30.

Got a good price IN and very much around 1L cant give the exact price because many here are optimistic and cannot spoil their selling and buying skills. I got this what I am expecting and satisfied.

Gave the keys and other documents to the buyer and he dropped me back at my place and also collected the dot charger.

Credential Transfer process :

Around 12:30 I have sent an email to Ather team to transfer the vehicle to his credentials.

With in 2 hours Mr. Shariq from CS responded with Ather agreement copy. I didn’t understand what to do with that, so again replied to him asking what to do with in 1hr he replied and asked the buyer to create a account and also mention in email that he agree to Ather agreement and terms.

Reply is sent and account created by buyer. By evening 6:30 I received an email f on Ather stating that the transfer process is initiated and will take 3-5 working days.

Vehicle Transfer :

Vehicle transfer is taken care by buyer himself as we agreed for that while discussing. He brought form 29 and form 30 for signature and I signed the forms and shared him the Govt ID proof and address proof.

Finally it is a smooth and quite a quick transfer for me.

By the way I have to give the name of my buyer Mr. Dasarathy a very humble person met his father and mother it is very nice to talk to his father. And Mr. Dasarathy is pretty much enjoying his ride on the flight already clocked 80km in 1day.


Don’t you sleep? :grin:

Good to see that you finished everything within a day. Actually many callers on OLX are agents posing as buyers themselves and those are the ones who really ask for ultra low prices. We should be aware of this on OLX.

Regarding the form29 & 30 and the trafer process, make sure you follow up till it is transferred in their name. Any incident before transfer…you can still be held responsible.

Also do tell the buyer to transfer the insurance in his name ASAP.



Yes following up with that. Thank you fir letting me know about insurance thing I actually forgot regarding this.

Yes hard to identify. This guy gave his house address to meet and also I checked his olx profile to see if is genuine or not.

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+1 for name transfer - when I sold my scooter, though the buyer got all the forms signed from me, still name transfer not done. Because, he was old neighbour, could not force him and I could only remind him… But, like @hemanth.anand said, it is important to follow up and close it.

In fact, I feel ask them to pay for 2k extra and refund it after completion of name transfer.

For Insurance transfer: Few years back, when I got a used scooter (still 10 months insurance left at the time of purchase) so thought to transfer insurance instead of buying fresh.

It was ICCI and though transfer was done in 15 minutes, it required physical visit to their office which was 15 kms from my home.

I am not sure how GoDigit and other providers work on transfer. Given that most of us got 1+5, it is worth to transfer as it would save you easily 4-5k.

However, if the existing policy is 1+1 and only few months left in policy, the new buyer could even forget the transfer and buy a fresh policy…


For the benefit of others, this question goes to you .

  • what documents are needed for transfer of insurance?
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Spoke to go-digit insurance for transfer requirements. This is what they said.

  1. Complete the vehicle transfer in RTO.

  2. Send an email to go-digit attaching the new RC and new owner ID proof, stating that the vehicle is transferred on new name and request to change the policy to the new name.

It might a couple of days to get transferred.


It was few years back. But fairly this is what I remember.

  1. Insurance copy
  2. Old owner Id proof
  3. A letter from owner addressing icici
  4. Some acknowledgement slip for RC transfer
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Regarding ensuring name transfer, I handed over the keys only after getting the buyer to show the acknowkedgement slip (that RTO gives) for having filed the necessary forms. A bit of safety protection.


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