RTO tax and Subsidy process

Hey folks,

We have some clarity on the road tax waiver offered as well as on the process to claim subsidy. Have outlined them here:

Will update a link to the docs here once it’s done.

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Hey @450X-Owners-Pune ,

Please find the documents required for claiming the state subsidy from the Maharashtra State Government: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17CzhkxyqfpGQg85uaGLrcai2-TKXLQmZ?usp=sharing


  • The application form requires a few more details about the battery and motor. You can get these details for your Ather 450X or 450 Plus by reaching out to your retail partner.
  • The documents filled in have to be sent physically to the address shared in the same folder.
  • The entire process is facilitated by the local state government, Ather or it’s retail partners cant help move the process along.

Documents attached:

  • Document List Copy ( 1 Copy ) - This contains a list of all the documents which are to be submitted for the process.
  • Application form ( 1 Copy ) : This application forms ask for a few details & most of which will be filled by the customer itself but there are 3 Details which we will have to support the customer with
    • Battery Number : Reach out to the retail partner for info on this
    • Year of Manufacturing : Retail partner can help with this.
    • Battery Make : Ather
  • Stamp Receipt form ( 2 Copies ) : 1 Re stamp to be pasted on both forms and filled.
  • Undertaking ( 1 Copy ) : This undertaking States that subsidy against the same vehicle cannot be claimed twice.
  • Address Form ( 1 Copy ) : This is the address where all the forms & docs are to be sent.