RTO tax and Subsidy process in Mumbai

Dear Sir, We had booked 2 Ather X before 31st July as there was the offer of a buy-back. We were even asked if we had a preferred date for delivery. After the full payment was done thru Neft, the very next day we get a call saying that the Govt is making some changes in the EV policy and that if we wait for sometime more we will get some more discounts/refund from the amt we had already paid. Now Ather has taken a U-turn and says, Sir you can either take back the full amt paid for the scooter or pay the extra amount being hiked by Ather and buy the scooter. Where are the Ethics Sir… First you said wait and now you say sorry but pay extra and buy… The emails sent by Ather has also misinformation. No clarity. Kindly look into the matter thru the eyes of the customer. Regards

I am assuming you are from a city in Maharashtra. If yes, then the entity to blame is the govt. The MH govt shared an updated policy with higher subsidies nearly 2 months ago but have not officially notified this. Until the official notification comes through, the updated subsidy is not effective.

There are quite a few owners in the same conundrum as yourself and like Ather has said, they have 3 options

  • Wait for MH govt to notify the new subsidy.
  • Don’t wait for the subsidy and pay the “higher” full amount to take immediate delivery
  • Take your money back and cancel the order. Come back later once the subsidy notification is implemented.
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Hey folks, some great news coming in for those who were waiting for the subsidy in Maharashtra to be implemented on ground.

We’ve got confirmation from the government that the policy is now officially live. The effective prices for both Maharashtra have been revised, and prices for both the Ather 450 Plus and 450X have reduced by Rs. 24,500 thanks to the state subsidies!

If you have a pending delivery or were holding off on purchasing, reach out to the local team to get more info on timelines and purchase process.

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