RTO tax and Subsidy process in Mumbai

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We have some clarity on the road tax waiver offered as well as on the process to claim subsidy. Have outlined them here:

Will update a link to the docs here once it’s done.

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When the dealer was processing my scooter sale, they had applied for some subsidy and had an OTP sent to my phone which i had then provided to them. That was the FAME II subsidy if i’m not wrong, and i believe that subsidy goes directly from the central government to Ather. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

About the maharashtra state subsidy, can someone share the subsidy document or the scheme name?

@abhishek.balaji Please Shed some light on how do we go about Maharashtra Subsidy? Thanks In Advance


Yeah @abhishek.balaji it’s more then 20days. We should get some clarification on this now. Request you to please look into it🙏

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Sorry for the delay folks, we noticed that the battery info was required and we’re working on making the info available with the retail partners. Would take a few days more, but we’re on it. Will share the document formats required as well as a confirmation on where you can find the battery number.


Well I’m seeing lot of other EVs on road. I dont want to loose out subsidy amount due to quota getting exhausted.


According to the policy, subsidy amount (max ₹ 5000 per EV 2-wheeler) will be credited to buyer’s bank account within 3 months of purchase. Now, this assumes that we apply for subsidy on time. If we apply for subsidy late, they might very well find a loophole that it is already past 3-months and hence you won’t get subsidy. My point being, we should speed-up the process and get these applications done ASAP.

Link to policy document

So the process described above is a common process for getting subsidy and RTO tax waiver?

Hey @450X-Owners-Mumbai ,

Please find the documents required for claiming the state subsidy from the Maharashtra State Government: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17CzhkxyqfpGQg85uaGLrcai2-TKXLQmZ?usp=sharing


  • The application form requires a few more details about the battery and motor. You can get these details for your Ather 450X or 450 Plus by reaching out to your retail partner.
  • The documents filled in have to be sent physically to the address shared in the same folder.
  • The entire process is facilitated by the local state government, Ather or it’s retail partners cant help move the process along.

Documents attached:

  • Document List Copy ( 1 Copy ) - This contains a list of all the documents which are to be submitted for the process.
  • Application form ( 1 Copy ) : This application forms ask for a few details & most of which will be filled by the customer itself but there are 3 Details which we will have to support the customer with
    • Battery Number : Reach out to the retail partner for info on this
    • Year of Manufacturing : Retail partner can help with this.
    • Battery Make : Ather
  • Stamp Receipt form ( 2 Copies ) : 1 Re stamp to be pasted on both forms and filled.
  • Undertaking ( 1 Copy ) : This undertaking States that subsidy against the same vehicle cannot be claimed twice.
  • Address Form ( 1 Copy ) : This is the address where all the forms & docs are to be sent.

@abhishek.balaji can you pls ask retail partners to send battery info and other docs proactively? We have already mailed them long back, not necessary that everyone is following the forum regularly. For the first set of owners there is a very small window left to submit the application and get the subsidy.


@abhishek.balaji Thanks for sharing the details. The EC has all our contact details, it would be helpful if they can send the details. Thanks once again


In the application form, GST number is mandatory. That does not make sense. What GST number are they refering to ?

Also, directorate of industries has an online application system for the subsidy. Don’t know if it works preperly or not. But here it is for those who want to try

It doesn’t work. I have tried it.

@abhishek.balaji: Can we make VIN and BIN available on the website in the MyAccount section. That will make it easier for all stakeholders.


Please fill up this form https://forms.gle/HMB9PpadN3USd4TW9 to share your details with the Mumbai EC, so that they can share the details for you to apply for the State Subsidy of your Ather 450X.


How to claim ₹5000/- State Subsidy which is provided by the Maharashtra Government?

Has anyone from Maharashtra received the FAME Subsidy of ₹5000/- ?

If yes then how much time does it take to be processed once the documents are received by the concern authorities in Mumbai ?

Check the posts above yours for information on MH subsidy.

Hi, Is there any one who has availed fame 2 subsidy in state of maharashtra???

How to claim state subsidy of Rs 5000 in Maharashtra

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Check the details posted by Abhishek: