Roll me back....New Ui lagging in Gen2 Scooter

I raised a ticket on 24th April regarding this maps navigation issue but Ather customer care still hasn’t resolved this problem how much longer should I wait isn’t 30 days enough?


Old ui is better new ui always show logo only roll back old ui

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No network since last 17 hours in my scooter. Always to get the network it’s need a restart. As I live in New Delhi there is no network issue. Aslo upload of photos and videos from Ather app not work.


I also raised the ticket on 19 but no reply from Ather called to customer care and reached the service centre no solution.

Seriously, Arch Linux will be a lot better option. I’m running Arch Linux in 512MB ram smoothly. They can fork any available Linux distribution and optimise it for scooter.