Roll me back....New Ui lagging in Gen2 Scooter

Super laggy experience after new Ui in Gen2 scooters. Sometime wings are disappeared. Sometime scooter don’t show range and sometime screen blanks with Ather logo only. How many times we restart the scooter? Map doesn’t work not a single day after new update. Stuck on a single location and updates the location next day.



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seems like update hasnt been installed properly goto SC and tell them to reflash the dashboard along with controllers


this same thing has been going on with my gen 2 as well for some days - ui lagging, speed and maps lagging, but some other days its perfectly normal .

+1, even Gen3 isn’t very stable.

i charge overnight every 2-3 days and regularly wake up to the scooter screen sitting on (probably for hours)

the scooter was bootlooping continuously while charging, even without any intervention. only when i unplugged charger and forced hard restart, it stopped bootlooping

a rollback / opt-out from updates is necessary.

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Same condition to I complain to Ather but no use.

Same problem to me

Same issue for me, it’s occurring multiple times.

Last week the dashboard fan was turned on even when the key was off and when i turned on the scooter, the fan started running more faster and see how it’s lagging.

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Same here lagging is seen

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Google maps navigation was superb in the Previous AtherDropkick but the latest Ather Stack 5.0 ruined it completely. Why cant they roll back this bug Ladden update which reduced sleek fast responsive u.i from before?


Sadly no one will listen to us and we are helpess with no option hopping one day things will be alright. Ather don’t care now wait for June once fame 2 subsidy decreases then i will see how much scooter they sell then. AtherStack should be renamed as AtherShit 5

Updates are installed overnight and shows successful intall updates next morning. I think main reason of lagging is 1gm ram in Gen2 Scooters. After a hard reset all things looks good for a small time except Map.

Since I have faced problems I recommend few of my office colleagues to not buy this scooter anymore.

well OLA too is laggy af and it gets worse under sunlight even after having much newer snapdragon 625 8 core soc with 3gb ram but it makes up for it with fancy UI and animations,even in todays simple one hands on videos its glitchy af so there’s no real escape to this unless companies directly work with SD to optimize GPU or move to linux based system


We’re here to assist you, Chethan! Please share your registered contact number and your vehicle details with us via inbox in order for us to assist you better.

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We’re here to assist you, Vishal! Please share a snippet of the issue you’re facing along with your registered contact number and the vehicle details with us via inbox in order for us to assist you better.

We’re here to assist you, Ibrahim. Please DM us your registered contact number and your vehicle details in order for us to assist you better.